Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 1, Episode 7 (Story 1)

 Posted: Mar 2010


Electro's first appearance in this series was in episode #2b. This gives him the distinction of being the first villain to be repeated in the series.

Story 'The Kilowatt Kaper'

  Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 1, Episode 7 (Story 1)
Summary: First Aired Oct 21st 1967

Spider-Man arrives at the Federal Prison to warn the warden of a possible breakout attempt by Electro. The lightning storm could replenish his electrical power. The warden agrees and order him moved to an isolation cell for the duration of the storm. [This is the first lightning storm since he was sent to prison? Plus they didn't think to take precautions as he ABSORBS ELECTRICAL CURRENT?]

In his current cell, Electro has fashioned together a special kite lined with metal rods to conduct the electrical energy from a stray lightning bolt direct to him. [Well if it was good enough for Ben Franklin...] Within seconds he catches a stray bolt and is charged enough to blow a hole in the outer wall of his cell. He is intent on draining the city of all its electrical current. Electro arrives at the Midtown substation and sabotages the power distribution circuits, causing a massive power outage. He plans to allow the generators to back up and then absorb all the power.

Peter is busy at home working on a new web formula to help him defeat Electro. He receives a call from Betty relaying a message that Jonah wants him to report in immediately. He tells her that he can't but changes his mind when the power goes out. He changes to Spider-Man and begins searching for Electro without his new formula. He eventually finds him at the substation but is unable to stop him.

With little choice, the city agrees to pay Electro whatever he asks for their electricity. Their promise is enough for Electro and he restores power. [Trusting old soul, isn't he?]

Spider-Man returns home and completes his new web formula and begins to lay a trap in Times Square. He even calls Jonah at home to let him know that something big is about to happen. Working quickly, he creates a giant web with his new formula that covers Times Square. He finishes just in time as Electro, Jonah, and the police arrive.

He then engages Electro directly on a small scaffolding near a billboard, armed only with a web shield. [Ugh. Webbing formed into an impossible object.] Electro unleashes a lightning bolt that is deflected by the new web formula. [Double ugh. Webbing used to deflect electricity again?] It creates a hole in the walkway that he falls through [Without looking. Sparky here is a tad careless.] landing on the giant web. It has been apparently been grounded as the electrical energy begins to be drained from Electro.

Spider-Man leaves a message on the billboard to wait until Electro has been completely discharged before they arrest him.

General Comments

Trying to come up with a believable scenario in which Electro could recharge himself provided a poor start to the episode. The kite sequence is almost believable, but mostly laughable. First, a kite with a metal frame won't fly due to weight issues. If a bolt of lightening were to hit the kite, I'm fairly sure it would disintegrate rather than conduct enough current to recharge a super-villain.

They reused several items from the previous episode, some with success others to its detriment. Reusing the "Electro slide" (my apologies that's the best name for it) was understandable given that it's now his signature move. Reuse of the asbestos webbing should have occurred much earlier given that it was the deus ex machina the last time around. Whatever was used to drain off Electro's power at the end of the episode didn't make complete sense, but I'll allow it as I can't say why it *wouldn't* work.

Overall Rating

3 webs. Almost as good as his introduction. The majority of the episode moved well, but the opening and closing sequences actually hurt the overall quality.

 Posted: Mar 2010