The Electric Company (TV) - Season 6, Episode 6


Today on The Electric Company... our segment begins with a zoom-out shot on a faked-up issue of "Spidey Super Stories", the cover shows Spidey struggling with our Villain of the day.

Today: Cindy says ["coach."]

    * Silhouettes - "l/ie/lie" (with visible faces and Crank commenting; EKA 154)
    * Cartoon - "I Would Die for a Piece of Your Pie" song (EKA 27A)
          o "Pie/piece" word animation
    * Buy a tie, $1.00 apiece
    * Cartoon - "Chief/thief"
    * The Mad Scientist - Creating a fiend
    * Magic message - "Spies tell lies!"
    * Bill Cosby - Chop/chip split-screen (EKA 21)
          o "Choo-choo" word animation (with serif characters)
    * Cartoon - "Charlie Tried to Teach His Chimp to Cha Cha Cha" (EKA 128)
    * Cinderella - Her fairy godmother turns an artichoke into a couch
    * Clayton - Commentary on Cinderella and "ch" words
    * Cartoon - "Charge"
          o "It/itch" word animation
    * Magic message - "Give a witch an itch."
          o Timed word - "Couch"
    * Monolith - "all" (EKA 9)
    * Three musketeers
          o "All/ball" word animation
    * Cartoon - "Gordon, you drive me up the wall" (EKA 27A)
    * Kids holding balls spelling words in front of a giant's face
    * Cartoon - "Top of the 9th - There Goes the Ball"
          o "Fall" word animation
    * Spider-Man - "Spidey Up Against the Wall"
    * "That's All" song

Followed by full-length credit scroll.

Story 'Spidey Up Against the Wall'

  The Electric Company (TV) - Season 6, Episode 6
Summary: First Aired Apr 15th 1977 (TEC #130B)
Script: Tom Whedon
Star: Danny Seagren (Spider-Man), Jim Boyd (The Wall), Morgan Freeman (Umpire), Skip Hinnant ("Gumbo" Braithwaite Ivy)
Narrator: June Angela

Spidey has decided to take a day off from fighting crime, and catch the baseball game instead. Little does he suspect as he watches the Mets that he will soon be battling... "The Wall". The Wall was a "normal high school student" until an accident during a chemistry experiment turned him into The Wall. And now he's out to ruin everything!

It's the top of the sixth. Two out, and a man on. Spidey is cheering his favorite player... "Gumbo" Braithwaite Ivy. Gumbo gives out some chatter, than camps out to catch a routine fly-ball. It's an easy catch, no need to go to the wall... but... the wall comes to him and knocks him down! It's over the boundary for a cheap home run!

The umpire comes out now and yells at the wall, but also gets knocked down. Can anybody stop The Wall? Spidey comes out, still carrying his hot dog. The Wall says "here's one wall you'll never crawl", and then points out that Spidey "is so dumb he's trying to eat a hot dog with no mouth!" Harsh but true.

Spidey makes with the webs and catches The Wall, but when the umpire comes back our hero gets no thanks. Instead both Spider-Man and The Wall are kicked out of the ball park. The umpire says "Lucky I didn't slap him with a $50 fine. I can be pretty stupid when I wanna be!"

Spidey saves the day, but gets no thanks. They didn't even let him keep his score card. Ouch.

General Comments

Oh baby, you had me at "Normal happy high-school student until an incredible blunder during a chemistry experiment turned him into a wall." Then you gave me Morgan Freeman getting his butt handed to him by a wall. How could anybody not love this clip.

Overall Rating

The works. The full five webs, sweetheart, and you know it!


This story also appears in comic book form in Spidey Super Stories #8 (Story 2) .

I found the movie clip for this episode on YouTube as "Spidey Up Against the Wall".