The Electric Company (TV) - Season 4, Episode 2


"Presenting Spider-Man in... A Night at The Movies!" So begins Skip Hinnant as the narrator of our next The Electric Company Spider-Man segment.

Story 'A Night at the Movies'

  The Electric Company (TV) - Season 4, Episode 2
Date TBD
Star: Danny Seagren (Spider-Man), Judy Graubart (Moviegoer), Luis Avalos (Moviegoer - Phillip), Morgan Freeman (Count Dracula)
Narrator: Skip Hinnant

A couple is in a movie theater, the only two patrons. In fact, it's a good thing they're alone as they proceed to talk and yell their way through the Spider-Man movie, cheering for Spidey to defeat the Green Glob. Of course it would be another three years until the first Spider-Man movie saw the silver screen, and another three decades until a half-decent film was produced! Still, this is the world of fiction, and we can just pretend...

In the middle of an exciting fight, the woman sends her male partner out to get some popcorn. Typical woman behavior of course. Forgetting to ask for popcorn BEFORE the film, then demanding that the man makes a sacrifice to go and satisfy her whim. But before you think that this clip is merely a discussion of sexual politics... fear not. Action a-plenty is in the wings.

As "Phillip" leaves for popcorn, Spider-Man takes his seat. The web-head carries a bag of popcorn, which the woman reaches for without even noticing Spider-Man's arrival. But wait. "Suddenly... Dracula Appears!" Cut to an illustrated panel, then back to video as Morgan Freeman sneaks up behind the female moviegoer, pausing only to look up to the camera and intone "Isn't she a lovely lady?" Actually, Morgan Freeman as a black Dracula looks uncannily like "Cat" from the UK TV Series "Red Dwarf".

Dracula goes to bite the woman, but Spider-Man notices just in time. "Not So Fast!" goes the thought balloon. Then cut to an illustrated panel of Spidey webbing-up Dracula (with his "incredible web-making powers"). Back to video, as Dracula struggles with a net. Meanwhile, "Phillip" is back and tells Spidey... "Buddy, you're in my seat!" Ooops. "Sorry" (thought balloon).

Spider-Man politely gets up and drags Dracula off stage right. Cut to illustrated panel with popup speech bubbles. "The Nerve of Some People" (for Phillip) and "Shh... you'll miss the best part" for his lady friend. That's a bit rich, after sending him out for popcorn!

Cut to a final illustrated panel of Spider-Man with a webbed-up Dracula, and then (as per the pattern for the end of the segment) we zoom out on a closing comic book. This time the front cover is branded "Spidey Super Stories", and the illustration features Spider-Man presenting a flower (seemingly a crocus or tulip) to a woman who appears to be Mary-Jane Watson. Though she also looks a little like the illustration of the female moviegoer from the segment, so it's not entirely clear.

General Comments

This episode feels a bit flat, though Morgan Freeman does make a superb Dracula.

Overall Rating

An average three webs.


I found this segment on YouTube as "Spidey Super Stories - A Night at the Movies".

Count Dracula made regular appearances on TEC. Based on the famous Bram Stoker literary character, Drac and his friends, the Werewolf (played by Jim Boyd) and Frankenstein (played by Skip Hinnant) helped children to read, often scaring the other regulars in the process.

Drac especially likes dark places (including movie theaters, his casket and dance halls); running after people who trespass on his property while singing about whistling; scaring the female members of the Short Circus (June Angela, Ragine Magloire and Jannina Matthews); and biting necks of women (because they "want a drink of blood").

He hates trick-or-treaters who errantly visit his home on Halloween; trespassers; the cross, garlic and light (of course); and especially superheroes who spoil his fun (especially Spider-Man).