X-Force #4


Spider-man and the X-Force (minus Cable) are batteling Juggernaut (who has blown up the Twin Towers) in Manhatten, Cable is pursuing Black Tom Cassidy.

Story Details

  X-Force #4
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Arc: Part 2 of 'Sabotage' (1-2)
Editor: Bob Harras
Plot/Pencils: Rob Liefeld
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Inker: Rob Liefeld
Reprinted In: Sabotage (TPB)

The issue opens with Spider-man and the X-Force launching an attack on Juggernaut. Spider-man takes a small solo effort before being swatted away. Before I go any further... bare with me if I get any of X-Force's names wrong. So on that note... who I think is Warpath, launches who I'm pretty sure is Shatterstar at Juggernaut.

Shatterstar slice and dices Juggernaut, but he quickly heals. Meanwhile, inside the ruined WTC, Cable is looking for Black Tom, who manages to sneak up behind him. Tom is angered by Cable's banter and opens fire. Cable manages to hit him down an elevator shaft.

Walking to the edge, he finds Tom hanging on for dear life... but he's surprised to find Cable has no mercy and shoots him off. He should fall to his death... but no, waiting to catch him at the bottom of the shaft is none other than one Mr. Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, who reveals that he has been hired by Tolliver to capture Tom.

There's a quick cut back to the Juggernaut fight to see that Siryn has come back into it. Then we cut over to G.W. Bridge, who's listening in on the fight. Then and we're back at the Juggernaut fight. Siryn's managed to remove Cain's helmet. That's when Shatterstar reveals that he sliced it earlier.

Cable rejoins the group and they prepare for Round 2... until Deadpool sneaks up behind and transports Cain out of there. Bridge touches down, claiming that Cable is under arrest. The team teleportns out before Bridge can do anything, leaving Spider-man to wonder what the hell is going on.

The team find themselves on their ship, Cable wondering what Bridge wants with him as they fly off.

General Comments

On the whole a nice issue. I'm a big fan of Liefeild's art and X-Force are one of my favorite teams... even though I don't know all their names. Alothought Spider-man didn't have much of an appearance in this final part, it was an enjoyable guest.

Overall Rating

A decent issue, nothing spectacular but fun all round.