Sensational Spider-Man #3 (Ashcan Giveaway, Wizard 52)

 Title: Wizard Giveaway
 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Chris Zeichman (E-Mail)


This is just a pre-Sensational #0 "story".

Story Details

As it starts off Ben (I'm assuming) is moping on top of a cathedral of something to that effect. He goes through his / Peter's life: Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Christmas and he decides that "those were the days". He /Peter was bitten by that spider and talks about goinf from a zero to a hero. He went through a few of his enemies and freinds and greives over Gwen's death. He then decides that death always follows him. He remimisces (big word!) about "his" clone whom he lost to. He then rants on about how Peter took over his life. He says when he heard about Aunt May's near death he was "drawn back" and his and Peter's lives were "turned upside down" and is again mad about the fact that he lost five years. (So far I've lost 10 thanks to public education) He does more ranting about power and responisibility and heros. It ends with a Dramatic:

"Now and Forever,
I'm the ONE --
-- and ONLY --

If only you knew Ben... If only you knew...

Overall Rating

I'm trying to give some credit although I doubt much effort was put into this little shindig.
Well, I'll tell you one thing: This did not make me excited about Ben's "return" to being Spider-Man. I think the advertisments were by far the best part of this. Praise the Lord that it was free. Yeesh!


By the way... It sucked.

 Title: Wizard Giveaway
 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Chris Zeichman (E-Mail)