Web Warriors #3

 Title: Web Warriors
 Posted: Feb 2016
 Staff: Keith Moore (E-Mail)


During the events of Spider-Verse, Morlun and his family (The Inheritors) sought to rid the Multiverse of Spider-People. Because of this imminent threat, a group of Spider-Men and Women from across the various universes worked together to defeat Morlun and his fellow vampires. Many Spider-People died because of The Inheritors and now a small group of heroes has formed to protect the worlds of the fallen Spider-Men...they are the Web Warriors!

There are six members of the Web Warriors: Spider-Gwen, Spider-UK, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man: India, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Girl (Arana Corazon). Together they work to protect the Multiverse...

The Web Warriors aren't alone with their universe-traversing skills, an evil Electro (as if there's any other kind) has been traveling across the multiverse amassing an army of Electros with the hope of ruling all worlds.

After disrupting a heist by this world-hopping gang of Electros, Spider-Gwen was taken captive to their headquarters on Earth-1082. She was able to escape though and take an Electro-hostage with her...

Story 'Electroverse Part 3: Capacity'

  Web Warriors #3
Mar 2016
Arc: Part 3 of 'Electroverse' (1-2-3-4-5)
Executive Editor: Nick Lowe
Editor In Chief: Axel Alonso
Editor: Devin Lewis
Writer: Mike Costa
Pencils: David Baldeon
Inker: Livesay, Victor Olazaba, Walden Wong
Cover Art: Julian Totino Tedesco
Lettering: Joe Caramagna
Colorist: Andrew Crossley, Jason Keith

On Earth-001 (aka the Web Warriors home base also known as Loom World), Arana Corazon is making small talk with Karn, the Master Weaver. Suddenly, a half dozen Electros appear with not-so-good intentions for the Web Warrior's home. Corazon quickly finds cover and reports back to Spider-UK (who is on Earth-9105 with the rest of the team) about the infiltration. Billy urges his comrade to bail, but Arana refuses and prepares to take the thugs on. One by one Arana dismantles the intruders, cleverly neutralizing each Electro without alerting the others. She manages to keep the criminals at bay until Spider-UK and the rest of the team arrive as reinforcements.

Meanwhile on Earth-449 (Spider-Gwen's current location and the home of the leader of the Electros), the Battery, which is what this leader calls himself, explains his origin to the newest Spider-Woman. The Battery explains that he used Kree technology to create a 'hive-mind' in order to coerce his untrustworthy cohorts (the other Electros) into working collectively for a greater goal. Eventually Gwen interrupts the villain's longwinded cliche monologue to break free from his headquarters, using her captive Electro as a punching bag in the process.

Meanwhile back on Loom World, the Web Warriors are overrun by the horde of Electros, forcing the team to retreat and abandon their home base. Whilst being electrocuted to near death, Karn manages to open the portal and free the Web Warriors, sending them to Earth-803...a world without electricity. They're greeted by that world's Spider-person...a steam-punk Spider-Woman!

After forcing her captive Electro to recharge her bracelet (which enables universe-hopping), Gwen ends up on Earth-982...Mayday's home world. When she arrives at May's house, Uncle Ben answers the door. Electro presumes the old man to be weak, so he grabs him and takes him hostage. Unfortunately for Electro, this Uncle Ben was Spider-Man on the world he comes from, so he quickly turns the tables on Electro...Gwen has a new super-powered ally in the form of Uncle Ben!

General Comments

There wasn't too much to this issue, so my commentary will be as thin as the content of the story. And whilst this book was not particularly dense, that doesn't make it a terrible book.

First, after criticizing the creative team harshly after the first two installments for their complete non-usage of Arana, I have to make the point that she was rather integral to this book. Showing courage, independence and moxie, Arana stole the show as far as I was concerned. I'm glad to see all the members of the Web Warriors getting some screen-time. So, job well done!

I'm not sure whether it is intentional or not (it probably is!), but to have the potential for a team-up between Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben creates a rather intriguing possibility. The two most famous 'dead' characters from the 616-universe are now 'alive' and ready to battle together as Spider-people...wow! I think we can all agree that no one would have predicted that happening 5 years ago, but here we are. Let's see where this takes us!

I'll close with one gripe. I still feel that this book lacks any character development or insight beyond the superficial punch-throwing super-heroism. Perhaps I'm asking too much from this book, is it meant to be fluff? I hope not, because these characters are intriguing in their own right and most of them have been explored in a more complicated manner in their debut appearances. So I'd like to see more on that front.

Overall Rating

Once again, nothing special here. I'm bumping this up to 3 webs because I griped (and griped) because Arana was underused in the prior issues (she was basically non-existent). At least that complain was addressed!

 Title: Web Warriors
 Posted: Feb 2016
 Staff: Keith Moore (E-Mail)