Ultimate Six #6


The hostile breakout of Green Goblin, Kraven, Doctor Octopus, Electro, and Sandman rightfully has the United States government in a panic - particularly since these jerks are threatening anything and everything in sight. On the White House lawn, Norman and his motley crew, with Spider-Man in tow, make their move to cripple the nation by . They didn't count on one thing, though - the Ultimates are already there, and they are pissed right off.

Story Details

In one of the more brilliantly drawn splash pages to date, the battle begins. Of course, a couple of super-powered thugs and two braniac villains have no chance against the horde of the world's premier super-hero defense initiative. But of course, the battle can't be TOO lopsided, so somebody is going to have to have a hard time with one of these losers - so Bendis decided that it should be Iron Man, not a bad choice ,considering he's the Ultimates' resident playboy / drunk. Sandman takes him down hard as he is attempting to load the genetic locking sequences for the group into his blaster. Norman throws Spider-Man at Captain America, demanding that the kid do something useful. Peter, without his mask for yet another issue, winds up to hit the WWII hero, and they briefly tangle while Cap explains that Norman can't hurt Aunt May, as she is already in protective custody. Peter lets him go, and with a look worthy of Webster's under the word "pissed," Parker stomps over to Osborn, and as Norman starts to bark orders, Peter lands an uppercut that sends the green dude sailing across the White House lawn, as everyone stares in awe. Before Pete can continue administering a savage beating, though, Ock throws him into the Oval Office. Wasp starts zapping Ock, while lecturing him. She takes him down by flying into his throat and choking him into submission. Ultimate Wasp is cool, I like how she is actually useful in comparison to her Avengers' counterpart, who would probably either run away to powder her nose or annoy the piss out of Giant-Man until he was forced to unleash the fury.

The battle continues, with baddies getting zapped left and right. Kraven and Sandman go down in easy succession, with Sandman being all but obliterated at Tony Stark's hands. Again, another fantastic splash page courtesy Trevor Hairsine. My only beef with this guy's art at all is that Sandman and Kraven look alike in regular form, and they both look way too creepy for my taste. This leaves Thor tangling with Electro above, and the rest of the Ultimates and Spider-Man to handle Norman. I must say, it is a very cool touch how right from the start of the battle, Thor and Electro are eminating lightning that hits both the ground and the people on the ground. Norman says he is honored to kill Captain America, but saying things just pisses him off, so Cap beats him pretty hard. However, behind the fracas, Harry Osborn has showed up, begging his father to stop whatever he is doing.

General Comments

This entire issue is very dialogue-lite, and rightfully so, as a climax under these conditions doesn't have time for jibber-jabber. It's a flat out ass-kicking, boot-stomping, teeth-spitting, fun-loving ride, and one of the best Marvel issues that fits that description in as long as I can remember. So this leaves three questions for the final issue: Surrounded by Ultimates and his own son, will Norman give up, or be destroyed? And whatever happened to Thor and Electro? And will Spider-Man put his mask back on, or does he even care about his identity anymore?

Overall Rating

What else can I say? It kicks ass.