Ultimate Power #9

 Title: Ultimate Power
 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)

Story Details

  Ultimate Power #9
Summary: Ultimate Spider-Man Appears
Arc: Part 9 of 'Ultimate Power' (7-8-9)
Editor: Bill Roseman, Ralph Macchio
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Pencils: Greg Land
Inker: Jay Leisten

Hulk is immediately into action in the water at the front of the Washington monument. Captain America tells him to put (Amphibian?) down. Spidey admits Fury's plan has got everyone fighting the Hulk, instead of each other but concedes he's going to have to stop the Hulk eating anyone.

The Skrullian Skymaster tells Quiksilver to get as many heroes as he can together so they can work together. Meanwhile, the two Arcannas tell Scarlet Witch that it was her fault she brought the (original) Squadron Supreme to the universe and she has halved their powers because of it. The two Arcannas and Witch are going to work together to try to fix things.

Skrullian Skymaster impersonates Hulk and they go head-to-head until the original comes out on top. But it has given time for the other heroes to regroup. Spidey helps save Johnny Storm, who takes a big hit, while Wolverine is also struggling with the Hulk.

Sue Storm tells Spider-Man to blind the Hulk and he sends webbing into his eyes, while Thing clobbers him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Witch and the two Arcannas are casting their spells to make everything go back. Captain America tells Hyperion that all of them, not just Reed, is responsible for the destruction of their world. Spider-Man, meanwhile says it is Fury's fault for trusting Doom. Up on the Triskelion, Shape wraps up Fury and he and Kitty deliver him back down to the surface. Fury tells them not to leave him: “There are things. Secret things you know nothing about.”

Power Princess / Zarda says she is returning with the Ultimates to keep an eye on – and learn from - their world. Burbank, too, is exposed for his crimes and Hyperion says he will create a virus to solve what has been created.

Back in the Ultimate Universe, Captain America and Iron Man wonder what things will be like without Fury – and are slightly in awe of what Scarlet Witch is capable of.

At the Baxter Building, Thing is pleased he managed to take a swing at the Hulk as it'll apparently make him the idol of millions.

General Comments

Erm, that's it?

13 months, nine issues, three writers and THIS is it?

First of all the nonsense. In Ultimate Spider-Man, Spidey asks Carol Danvers where Nick Fury is. In this issue, Spidey is not only there when Fury is left with the Squadron Supreme, HE'S THE ONE WHO GIVES HIS NAME AWAY TO HYPERION.

It may have been a Doombot – but what about Doom himself? Was the bot acting of its own accord? And if not, how did Doom get out of the Zombie universe?

The entire Ultimate Universe went to war to save Reed after he had already admitted his guilt (even though, in the end, it wasn't his fault). But they then abandon Nick Fury when there's not only very little evidence that he's done anything wrong – but Burbank CONFESSED to Reed Richards that he had been the architect.

Also, why is Ben so pleased with himself at the end? Millions of people have died, yet he's happy as hitting the Hulk will make him idol of millions – even though the event happened in a totally different universe. Where's the sense in that?

The entire series has been hit-and-miss to say the least, let alone padded horrendously. But this issue, in particular, is just a total mess. Questions unanswered, characters acting totally out of character. Jeph Loeb just doesn't seem to realise that ULTIMATE Spider-Man is 16-years-old.

Overall Rating

This issue is a complete shambles. The ending of the series itself is wholly unsatisfactory, while as a standalone 22 pages, it's just awful. Even the page structure is woeful. The bubble of Spider-Man popping up on the first major spread looks utterly out of place and the script is so outdated in places.

What a mess.

 Title: Ultimate Power
 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)