Ultimate Fantastic Four #26


Sexy female scientist Doctor Storm (mother of Johnny and Sue Storm) has discovered Atlantis. The Fantastic Four turn up, and manage to release Namor from where he had been imprisoned for years. Namor pretends to be nice, but when they all get back to Manhattan, all heck breaks loose. Namor has the hots for Sue, and he likes to get what he wants.

Story Details

  Ultimate Fantastic Four #26
Summary: Spider-Man appears by Reed Richards imagination
Arc: Part 3 of 'Tomb Of Namor' (3)
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Writer: Mark Millar
Pencils: Greg Land
Inker: Matt Ryan

The usual FF battle scene ensues, with the advantage to Namor. Then Reed Richards turns up a gigantic robot battle suit named "Fantastic Five-Oh" which combines the powers of all four fantastic heroes. Namor yanks Richards out of the robot, but Reed continues battling using his cyber-helmet which allows his subconscious mind to become reality.

Reed Richards' subconscious mind summons an enormous lingerie-clad Doctor Storm (much to the embarrassment of Ms. Storm and her two kids). So Mr. Fantastic tries again, and summons the projected imagined solid-images of a bunch of heroes including Spider-Man, Wolverine and most of the Ultimates. The artificial heroes battle Namor, but when on the brink of success, the city has to pull the power in order to avoid meltdown of the power grid.

Then Sue and Johnny do their "trap Namor in an invisible bubble and Johnny goes nova inside the bubble" trick. Namor is weakened, but summons a freaking huge Poseidon which towers over the city. The Atlantean states his terms. Sue gives him a big long sloppy kiss, and means it, or else the city is destroyed. If Sue gives up the goods, he agrees to negotiate peaceful diplomatic relations between Atlantis and Humanity.

There's no real choice to be made here. Sue puckers up and gives him the smooch he demands.

General Comments

I can't help but feel a little uncomfortable about all this. "Sexy Mom" scientist with the body of a twenty-two year old running around in lacy underwear. Kissing games? It feels like Mark Miller's fourteen year old son woke up from a particularly sexy dream and wrote this plot down for his dad to turn into a script.

Maybe I'm getting old, but this risque kind of stuff isn't really what I'm looking for in a mainstream Marvel mag. If they wanna do sex, then fine, let's see sex. But kissing games and pre-pubescent fantasy projectors are just embarrassing.

Overall Rating

A disappointing end to what otherwise seemed like a pretty good story. Teen boys around the world are probably lapping this stuff up, but I can't give it more than two webs.