Superior Spider-Man #32 (Story 2)

 Posted: Sep 2014
 Staff: Marc Fox (E-Mail)


Someone, or something, is hunting Spiders across the Multiverse. The Superior Spider-Man doesn't like this and realising he is outgunned decides to recruit alternate Spiders into a team to defeat their hunter.

Here's the story of one of those alternate Spider-Man.

Story 'The Spider-Sanction'

The hardest thing this Peter Parker had to do was give up his old life. After the death of Gwen Stacy, Peter realised that greater enemies were coming that showed no mercy and so he could not do so either. Having left behind Aunt May and Mary-Jane, killed Kraven the Hunter and been trained by Wolverine, this Spider-Man lives in the cold. A good job as when the Spider-hunter from Superior Spider-Man #32 story 1 appears he can attack without worrying about civilians.

Unfortunately the Spider-hunter is quite strong, vaporising Wolverine's body with one attack from his twin pronged staff leaving behind just the adamantium skeleton. Spider-Man's girlfriend, Alex, arrives on the scene trying to distract the hunter but Peter doesn't want her getting hurt so knocks her out with a web bullet. Spidey flees towards a Shi'ar generator powering his place. Peter tricks the hunter into stabbing it and overloading him but it doesn't even slow him down. Just as this Spider-Man is about to meet his end, the Superior Spider-Man appears and uses a tree to ram the hunter off a cliff. Before the Spider-hunter can recover, the Superior Spider-Man signs this one up to his team, and leaves for 2099 promising they will kill the monster or die trying!

General Comments

Not a bad back up story but nothing of real substance either. In this Universe, Peter went dark and took down threats lethally when needed – much in the same way Otto did. There are only two things this story does. Firstly, it shows that this Spider-hunter is pretty nasty by the way he easily dispatched Wolverine (but then we knew that from all the Spider deaths in this comic's first story). Secondly, that Peter isn't universally – or rather Multiversally – good (but then you could argue that we already knew that from our time with Kaine).

I almost feel sorry for this Spider-Man. It's a new character, but clearly one with a story that didn't warrant a whole comic from the Edge of the Spider-Verse so has to suffice with an 8 page back up story!

Overall Rating

I going to guess this story will serve to explain any questionable actions that the character will have in the Superior Spider-Verse story and/or Spider-Verse. Else this story, whilst not bad, does little more then fill up a few pages in a comic that wouldn't have needed to be over-sized in its absence.

 Posted: Sep 2014
 Staff: Marc Fox (E-Mail)