Spider-Man: With Great Power #1

 Posted: 2008


We all know that Spider-Man spends his days and nights saving lives. He's dedicated his life to helping others. But it wasn't always like. When he first got his powers, his main priorities were fame and fortune. With Great Power takes a deeper look into the wall-crawler's life as a star.

Story 'With Great Power'

  Spider-Man: With Great Power #1
Summary: Spider-Man stars

Spider-Man stands in a wrestling ring, holding Crusher Hogan on his backside with one hand, the crowd cheering, looking on amazed. As the onlookers cheer, he thinks of how good his life is, so much better than what it used to be.

Peter reflects back on how things were before. In the school halls, Flash Thompson gives Peter a wedgie that looks like it would sting for weeks. Lousy timing comes into play when Peter spots Liz Allen looking towards him. Despite the fact that Liz and Flash are dating everyone says they've been fighting. Peter thinks of asking her out, but he just doesn't have the nerve.

At home, Uncle Ben tells Peter that he got him a car. Peter is thrilled until he lays eyes on his not-so-sweet ride. To say the car would need "a little work" would be an understatement. The kid already has enough problems at school, he can only imagine the horrors that will await him when he shows up driving a piece of junk.

During a visit to a science exhibit, an experiment on radioactivity is being conducted. As the experiment begins, a spider slides down on a web between the path of radioactive rays. The spider bites Peter and it hurts unlike any other spider bite. He thinks of how he got sick and felt bad, and eventually got better. Man, did he get better.

Not only did that spider bite transform Peter physically, but it transformed him mentally as well. With newfound confidence he runs along the lockers in the halls, taking Flash by surprise, who is so stunned, he can't even get a hit in, despite Peter taunting him with a freebie. Peter's excitement fades when he realizes that he's still stuck with a car no girl would probably caught sitting next to him in, dead or alive. A prize of $5,000 for anyone that can stay in the ring with Crush Hogan for three minutes could change all of that.

Peter enters the wrestling contest, concealing his identity wearing a mask that looks pretty laughable. Even though he looks far from intimidating to Crusher Hogan, Peter easily wins the prize money. In awe at Peter's performance, Monty Caabash makes Peter an offer.

Peter drives up to Liz's place, his car all fixed up. He things of knocking on the door to see if she'd like to take a drive but he starts having second thoughts. Peter's begins to feel a buzzing in his head when he's approached by Flash from behind. Flash asks Peter where he got his car. He tells him that he bought it but Flash doesn't believe him. Just then, Liz comes out and says that she didn't want to see Flash after what he did. Flash says that he came by with Peter. Before Flash can go on, Liz says hello to Peter. Peter is so surprised that she acknowledge him he can barely greet her back. Given new confidence, Peter challenges Flash to a race. Flash accepts the challenge.

Flash takes the lead and Peter thinks of how he'll probably wind up killed for being so stupid. Peter feels the buzzing in his head just like he did before. He realizes that the buzzing in his head is a warning sign of just how far he can push himself. Peter floors it on the gas, making light of Flash before leaving him in the dust. There's a raccoon running across the street. Peter swerves at just the right moment and goes off to the side of the road, smashing up the right side of his car and damaging the windshield.

When Peter comes home, Uncle Ben tries to console him but Peter acts upset to play things off. Even with his powers and new confidence, Peter still feels like a loser. He pulls out the EWO Extreme Wrestling card that Monty gave him and things of a way to change things.

General Comments

The first issue of this mini series is off to a great start. I really enjoyed seeing Peter beat the pants off of Flash, even using his spider-sense to help him. Since I rarely see Peter behind the wheel of a car (guess I don't have fond memories of the Spider-Mobile) it really is only natural for his sixth sense to help him be a better (reckless?) driver.

You really get a feel for Peter's swelled head as Spider-Man in the beginning of the book, which will make the lesson he'll soon learn about power and responsibility all the more tragic.

The art for the most part is nice but Flash and Uncle Ben's character designs just stick out like sore thumbs.

Overall Rating

I really enjoyed the first part of this story and can't wait to see how things develop from here. Four webs.

 Posted: 2008