Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #117 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Eric Petrossian (E-Mail)


This story appeared as a backup in the four issues of the Power and Responsibility story line. It retells the original Clone Saga as detailed in Amazing Spider-Man #149 and following. Note that this backup story was included only in the Deluxe Foil-Stamped versions of these four books.

Story 'Born Again!'

Pages 1-2: We see the transformation from embryonic form to a fully grown Peter Parker Clone, with all manner of wires and cords attached to him.

Page 3: The Clone emerges from the chemical tank manned by Professor Miles Warren. The Clone says nothing, but the question on his mind is: "Who am I?"

Pages 4-5: Warren approaches the Clone with something for him to wear, but the Clone's spider-sense buzzes and he instinctively backs away. Warren reacts to this with violence, but the Clone catches his fist. Not to be outdone by this outrage, Warren pulls out a strange electrical device from his jacket. It emits a loud hum that temporarily cripples the Parker Clone.

Pages 6-7: Weeks pass as Warren continues to physically and emotionally abuse this young Clone. Warren has been building Peter Parker's consciousness into the double's mind using a combination of mind-controlling drugs and hypnotherapy, with the intention of releasing him out into the world as Spider-Man - with no recollection that any of this ever happened. But as yet another injection draws near to him, he is no longer afraid - and lashes out.

Pages 8-9: He beats Warren as he screams out "I'm human! I'm human!" He then breaks out of the lab and runs through the night. "Human" - the very word gives him a comfort he doesn't quite understand. And he knows he won't fully comprehend it until he answers the very question that first came to him as he was 'born' and that has plagued him ever since- "Who am I?"

Special Features:

Sketches of Mr. Nacht (by Tom Lyle) and Boone (by Mark Bagley); a page on John Jameson (aka Man-Wolf) 'From the files of Dr. Ashley Kafka'; also a page on Edward Whelan (aka Vermin) from the Kafka files; a preview of The Exile Returns and Back from the Edge storylines to start in the Spidey-titles the following month, and two pages of cheats for the Maximum Carnage game.

General Comments

Despite the current knee-jerk response that the word "Clone" brings to many Spider-Fans these days, this isn't actually a bad story, and this is also a pretty good re-telling.

Overall Rating

Four webs.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Eric Petrossian (E-Mail)