Spider-Man Unlimited (Vol. 3) #8 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Frank Man (E-Mail)


Spider-Man Unlimited is a book with two stories that showcases up-and-coming writers and artists. It's like "Operation Greenlight" for writers and artists. Well not really but kind of.

Starting from Issue 6's "Thug #1" this Spider-man Unlimited book feels more like the Tangled Web stories that hit back in 2000. They've been stories told about Spider-man but from the perspective of other people. Some stories are good, some decent and others bite.

Let's see what we have in store for us with this issue...

Story 'Fanboyz'

The story starts off like the MTv show Jackass, with a disclaimer tell you not to try these stunts unless you "bleed ink." Then we see of couple of panels of the Fanboyz dress up as various superheroes. We have "Captain America" blocking eggs with his shield, "Electra" climbing on some power lines, and "Namor" swimming away from a great white shark.

Their latest stunt is dressing like Spider-man and climbing up walls with plungers. Once on the rooftop, the Fanboyz have grappling guns which they use to swing off of the rooftop. As Duff Memphis takes the first swing, we see that the sun has a face. The sun has a freakin' face! Anyways, Duff swings nads first into an "Ouch" sign.

Ozzie Sinatra, the obvious Steve-O impersonator, swings off the roof and crashes through the window or a deli. Meanwhile, Roscoe Lunch, who is afraid of leaping off high buildings, loses his lunch on some nuns.

A police helicopter shows up and Roscoe accidentally destroys one of it propellers with his grappling gun. Roscoe falls to his imminent doom until Spidey swing in and saves him and the police chopper.

The Fanboyz ask Spidey for some pointers on hanging from a web. Spidey obliges by hanging Duff Memphis upside down. The last scene is a naked Ozzie Sinatra painted silver, and sky diving naked on a surfboard.

General Comments

The sun in "Fanboyz" had a darn face. Who does that? The last time I checked this book wasn't Tele-tubbies Unlimited. Throwing up on nuns? What kind of randomness is that? And since when does New York have a sign that read "Ouch".

Overall Rating

The story was ridiculous to say the least. I did like the concept of a bunch of fan boys pretending to be superheroes but the execution was waaaaay off the mark. One lousy web.

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Frank Man (E-Mail)