Spider-Man Unlimited (Vol. 3) #4 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Spider-Man Unlimited (Vol. 3) is Marvel's new "showcase" title. Released bi-monthly, each issue features two separate stories each month by guest creators. The good side is, you get a lot of new stuff. The down side is that it won't suit everyone's tastes, and you take your luck each issue.

Story 'The Old Ways'

Story by Allan Jacobsen, art by C.P. Smith (whoever they are). Color art credits go to Chris Walker, and agan, the color art plays a major part in the final visual appearance of the tale. The lines are softer and the colors more muted than in the preceeding tale. Half the story takes place outside the city, and earth tones are heavily used. In the city, lots of blues and greens give a cold feel.

And this story that goes in and out of the city? Well, it concerns a Native American surgeon named Waking-Bear who abandons his high-price clinic after Spidey saves his life from a psychotic villain. Seems the villain (try and keep with me here) wanted to kill Waking-Bear, 'cos Waking-Bear wouldn't save his (the super-villain's) son who was sick, so the super-villain (who wasn't super, or a villain back then) had to go sell his body to Brand Corp for experimentation to save the money, but he didn't in time, and his son died, so he went kill Dr. Waking-Bear, but was stopped by Spidey.

All this is told in flasback by Waking-Bear, who now runs a clinic out of a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Specifically, he tells it to a guy who comes from the city to try and ask Waking-Bear to come back and help make more money. But Waking-Bear is busy saving lives of poor folks. There's also a bunch of stuff about "Iktomi" the spider, the trickster, who wove the very first dreamcatcher.

General Comments

Once again, the two tales in this book are are a mixed-bag, with one nifty little yarn, and one tale that really did nothing for me at all. Sure, it's nice paper, and top-notch coloring work. But then, for a $3 glossy premium comic, you expect nothing less.

Overall Rating

But to get back to rating this second story, well it's an obvious and preachy little tale that sticks in the throat a little. Bit of a disappointment really. Two webs.

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)