Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual 1996 (Story 2)


This is a short backup story in this 1996 annual.

Story 'The Return of Spider-Woman'

Spider-Woman is warned by a floating costume that someone needs help. At the same time Lindsay McCabe, private investigator, tells a student of the occult that her partner Jessica Drew has disappeared. After Spider-Woman arrives and shows them the costume, they all depart to another dimension where Jessica, once Spider-Woman, is held captive by a giant demon. The costume melds with Jessica Drew and she is Spider- Woman once more, escaping the portal with her friends. Once out, the question presents itself: is the world big enough for two Spider- Women?

General Comments

I didn't care much for the Spider-Woman story. Maybe it's because I don't keep up on her enough. However, it is Mark Gruenwald's last work for Marvel before he passed away.

Overall Rating

This is story is obviously filler. Three boring webs.