Spider-Man/Red Sonja #5

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


The Hyborian sorcerer Kulan Gath, in an attempt to build a power base from which he can conquer his native land, has once again struck at modern-day Manhattan. Taking over the body of Senator Bryan Glass and altering it into his own twisted image, Kulan unleashed a wave of dark magic that is transforming New York City - and all in it - into a Hyborian version of itself.

Only one man - Peter Parker, the web-slinging Spider-Man - is immune to Gath's magic. To ensure that his wall-crawling foes does not interfere with his plans this time, Gath has set his own arch-nemesis against him... by transforming Spider-Man's wife, Mary Jane, into the She-Devil with a sword, Red Sonja!

Sonja attacked the wall-crawler, forcing him to fight against an opponent he knew in reality was MJ! And if that wasn't enough, a new player has entered the battlefield - a warrior that Gath now wants as his own - the sinister symbiotic super-villain known as Venom!

While Gath engaged the vicious Venom, Spider-Man and the rest of Gath's prisoners were liberated by the fiery-haired Sonja! Now fighting as allies, Spidey and Sonja were attacked by some familiar faces - Hobgoblin, Scorpion, and the Lizard - now altered by Hyborian magics! Meanwhile, Gath defeated the sinister symbiote to become... Kulan Venom!

While fending off Spider-Man's altered foes, Sonja was swept up into a death- defying aerial duel with the Hyborian Hobgoblin! Meanwhile, Kulan Venom crushed the rebels and took Spidey prisoner! As her airborne battle with the Hobgoblin escalated, Sonja plummeted down into modern Manhattan and found herself in the gun sights of New York's finest!

Story Details

The rebels are being moved, among them is Eddie Brock. He misses his symbiote. He senses something as they arrive at a place where Spidey is being crucified by Kulan Venom. Kulan wants Sonja.

Elsewhere, in modern time Manhattan, Sonja is on the floor. The police have surrounded her. An energy field is headed their way, because of this, Sonja awakens. It seems the Hyborian Manhattan is growing, giving her strength. Unfortunately, it's not enough and she is captured by Kulan's demons.

Later, we see both Spider-Man and Red Sonja being crucified. Kulan Venom wants their blood, to ensure his ultimate victory. Then Eddie calls from the crowd, he wants his symbiote back. A fight follows, Spider-Man and Red Sonja break loose and attack Kulan Venom. Slowly the symbiote returns to Eddie and then Kulan is his normal self again. Red Sonja leaps forward and destroys the amulet. Kulan Gath disappears with a bang.

Red Sonja feels has to go too, MJ is returning. She kisses Spider-Man and the transformation is complete. Everything is back to normal.

Back in the Hyborian Age, Red Sonja wakes up. She pulls a bullet from her shoulder. Saying, Gath... I may be home, but this is far from over.

General Comments

A great ending to a great mini series. A nice little twist there, Eddie was the one that caused the downfall of Kulan Venom. We were all (at least I was) expecting Spidey or Sonja to save the day. But no, Eddie did it, by calling back his symbiote, Kulan Gath became vulnerable and it was easy to destroy the amulet.

So, of course, everything went back to normal. Venom is back with Eddie. JJJ and Robbie argue about it being all Spider-Man's fault. And Peter and MJ are having a soda at some fast food restaurant.

One down side to this story, the amulet was destroyed. Which makes making a Spider-Man / Red Sonja 2 series a wee bit difficult. But difficult is not the same as impossible. So please, Marvel, create a sequel.

Overall Rating

Yep, the full 5 webs. It had drama, action, suspense, humor and even a little T&A.


And with the end of One More Day (over at Amazing Spider-Man) looming... all you Marvel writers, please, take notice of this little gem of a mini series. It can be done! It is possible to write funny comics with Peter and MJ together. Michael Avon Oeming did it! MOST EXCELLENT!

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)