Spider-Man: Swing Shift (Director's Cut) (Story 3)

 Posted: 2008


This is a 22-page "Spidey Bible" that gives brief character bios along with images from a post One More Day Spidey landscape.

Story 'Spider-Man 2008 Bible'

Here we are treated to images of Spidey, his new cast, villains, and characters, along with images and schematics of various locations that are to be used through the BND storyline. There is also art from the first four months of ASM along with a list of the creative teams during each of those months.

General Comments

Personally, I can do without pin-ups of yet to be published art, this "Bible" does do more than that, it gives us updates on what is going on with most of the cast as well as a brief glimpse of what we can expect to see in the coming months.

Overall Rating

This is easily (for my money) the weakest part of this Director's Cut.


There is also a one-page behind-the-scene article from Spidey-editor Stephen Wacker.

 Posted: 2008