Spider-Man: The Manga #11

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Al Sjoerdsma (E-Mail)


It's the Japanese Spidey! It's a black-and-white five minute read for $2.99 U.S.! It's the longest storyline yet... showcasing the best and the worst of the series. Here's part two of the six-part "Mysterio/Fake Spider-Man" arc.

Story Details

  Spider-Man: The Manga #11
Summary: Mysterio
Arc: Part 2 of 'Spider-Man: The Manga Fourth Arc' (1-2-3-4-5-6)
Editor: Glenn Greenberg
Writer/Artist: Ryoichi Ikegami
Retouching and Production: Dan Nakrosis
Translation: C.B. Cebulski, Mutsumi Masuda

Yu learns that Rumi's mother has passed away. Now, Rumi is going to stay with Yu and his Aunt and they will try to help her decide her future. At home, Aunt "Whats-Her-Name" is cleaning Yu's room. She stumbles on his notebook, "Notes on Spider-Man's Weapons" and seems to wonder whether Yu is the web-slinger or not but, when her nephew arrives with Rumi, she only admits a fear that Yu may "admire that terrible Spider-Man". A relieved Yu laughs hysterically while ripping the notebook to shreds. (Not exactly the kind of reaction that inspires confidence.)

As the days go by, Yu and Rumi have fun together going bowling and visiting an amusement park. It is revealed that Yu, as a child, was "separated from your parents and put into a protective custody center". (Plot thread for a future storyline?) On the way home from the park, Yu and Rumi get tangled up in a picket line and Rumi gets lost. Yu races home alone, hoping Rumi is already there. She isn't. The papers are filled with accounts of Spider-Man attacking lone women and stealing their purses. Aunt assures Yu that Rumi will find her way home but as the night wears on, there is no sign of her.

General Comments

This is a disappointment after the opening issue of the arc. The potential of the previous issue is not maintained.

Overall Rating

Three webs, I'm being lost already.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Al Sjoerdsma (E-Mail)