Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #11 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2006


Not much to talk about here. Everyone should know that Spider-Man is a member of the New Avengers now, but this story doesn't seem to be in the continuity of the whole Marvel Civil War cross over (Captain America and Iron Man are still on the same team here, plus Spider-Man is in his original costume).

Story 'A New Light'

At a local cinema in Springfield, USA a family is spending some time together. The two young boys want to play an arcade game so the blonde haired women bends down to plug it back in for them. As she does, one of the boys pushes the other into her causing her to spill her soda all over the socket that she's plugging the arcade game into. The electrical discharge results in a black out as well as the woman to glow blue with white eyes.

Back in New York City, Spider-Man has defeated the Sinister 5 (Doctor Octopus, Hydroman, Boomerang, Venom and Sandman), only the Sandman is no where to be found. Iron man shows up saying that the authorities are on their way but they must leave now. S.H.E.I.L.D. has reported an odd energy signature that they must go investigate. After they leave, the Sandman pulls himself together and asks his teammates if they would like to go on a road trip.

Later, back at Springfield, the family is walking around noticing that the electricity is out all over town and wondering whatever happened to Harley, when a group of suits show up who seem to know the family. As they start arguing one of the family members walks down an alley to find the woman from earlier who is now wearing a costume. It is revealed that she has super speed, which is how she's in costume already. The woman explains that the "Guiding Light" has returned to her and she's tried everything to turn it off, but it won't this time, when who should appear, but Spider-Man and Wolverine.

Wolverine and the man start getting into an argument and we learn that the man and woman are married. Soon the rest of the New Avengers show up as well asking about the weird energy reading they picked up on. Mr. Spaulding, one of the suits starts yelling at Iron Man, telling him to ask Tony Stark how he feels about stealing government contracts from his company.

I guess the authorities didn't do a very good job apprehending the Sinister Five because they show up as well. Seeing the woman in the costume and the glowing hands, they ask her if she wants to be their new sixth member. Getting angry at the Sandman for calling her "Toots" she blasts him straight into the New Avengers jet, blowing it up in the process.

During the fight Hydroman goes after her husband and to stop him, she jumps into Hydroman taking him as well as herself out of the fight. It looks like Harley has lost her "Guiding Light" because of her getting wet from Hydroman. Once everything is cleaned up, Iron Man, gives Harley an Avengers Priority Card just in case she needs their help again. With the Avengers going their way, we see that the wreckage of the Avengers Jet has made it's way to Spaulding Enterprises as well as a vial of sand that came from the Sandman.

General Comments

During a fight with the Sinister Five, Spider-Man and Iron Man take off for Springfield to investigate an odd energy signature. Once there they discover a woman glowing with electrical power, wearing a costume. They go to talk to her but the Sinister Five show up. The New Avengers as well as Harley take care of them pretty easily but in the result, the Avengers' jet is blown up. As everyone goes their separate ways, the wreckage of the jet as well as a little bit of the Sandman is sent to Spaulding Enterprises, a competing company with Tony Stark's company.

Overall Rating

What a crap story. It was just a way to get people to learn about this new super hero "Guiding Light" who has her own TV show on CBS. At least they could make a better story, one without so many plot wholes.

The main problem I have is that Spider-Man would never just leave the Sinister Six behind with one of them missing. It just doesn't make sense. Normally he'd wait for S.H.E.I.L.D. or something equivalent to come to bring the villains to prison.

This was just one long 7 page add to get people to watch some stupid television show. But of course, since Spider-Man was in it, I still read the thing.

 Posted: 2006