Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #7 (Story 4)


The Spotted Cat, a thief who can teleport, tried to steal an ancient bug known as the Insect King until Spidey stepped in and stopped her. However, she tricked him by handing over a fake while keeping the original for herself, with other intentions in mind.

Story 'The Moth & The Flame'

  Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #7 (Story 4)
Summary: Spider-Man J and Spotted Cat team-up for the Insect King.

Someone named Lord Bestius wants the Insect King, and he has a minion named Shadow Moth go and retrieve it from his rival, the Spotted Cat. A creature under Moth's command wreaks havoc, attracting Spidey's attention and soon that of the Cat. They fight and beat the monster but lose the day as Moth makes off with the Insect King. Cat warns Spidey to stay out of the fight, but Spidey won't deny his destiny and turn his back when it could mean people are in danger.

General Comments

The story has actually started to become interesting since Spidey J first premiered in this series. However, the art stylings still make many of the more action-heavy panels hard to read and interpret. Plus, the excited voice bubbles make it hard to know who's talking when as they randomly float about with no connecting pointers. I wouldn't compare it to any Spidey story that we get over here, but it's improving. Slowly.

Overall Rating

2 Webs. Stories have improved somewhat, but the art leaves a LOT to be desired.