Spider-Man: Doctor Octopus - Negative Exposure #2


Part 2 of the Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure series. With Doc Ock popping up everywhere nowadays, will this be the first steps towards over exposure?

Story Details

Rikers Island penitentiary. Doctor Octavius is held prison. Another inmate brings him a book with photographs taken by Jeffrey Haight. They talk a bit. Doc Ock ends saying that few some people are easier to control than the angry and the untalented. Why? Ka-boom.

Washington square park. Jeff Haight is looking at Peter Parker. Anna Kefkin, a cop and his girlfriend, sneaks up on him. Jeff is upset, she'll blow his cover. After Jeff shows Anna that Peter is with a stunning girl (Mary Jane, he was with a blonde earlier) a messages is heard on Anna's radio. There's a 10-39 in progress at the Diamond District. It's the Vulture and Jeff runs off. As does Peter, leaving Mary Jane standing by the fountain.

Over at the Diamond District, Spidey catches up with the Vulture as Jeff finds himself a good spot to take pictures. No way Parker can beat him this time. Unfortunately, right above Jeff we see a camera webbed to the wall. Spidey beats the Vulture and Jeff rushes to the Bugle.

At the Daily Bugle, Robbie is sorry to inform Jeff they already bought a picture for page one, from Peter Parker. Jeff is very dissappointed and angry. Then the phone rings. It's the attorney to Otto Octavius. Dr. Octavius would like to meet Jeff, later that evening. He's an admirer of Jeff's work.

Later, Jeff is outside Doc Ock's cell. They talk a bit, Otto kisses up big time and when he says that whoever kept Jeff's photo of the front page should be hanged, Jeff is sold. Maybe, he thinks, this guy isn't so crazy after all.

General Comments

There are some nice details in this story. For instance the mentioning of the blonde. This places the story back when Gwen was still alive (which was quite a few years ago). Come to think of it, it could spoil the ending of the story. Because in current history, we have never heard of Jeff Haight. Kinda makes me wonder whether he'll survive. Doc Ock did say "Ka-boom". Hmmmm....

Also, the pacing of the story is fantastic. I wanted to rush through the story, just so I could see how it ended, but no, Brian takes his time telling the story. Meaning, I had to slow down in order to fully understand what's going on.

Remember what I said about issue 1, on the final page, Doc Ock speaks of "hate" when referring to Jeff's last name, Haight. I asked myself what does it mean? Well, the plot thickens. Was it just a little word playing? Could he have meant that Jeff will be his tool of hate in some sort of revenge campaign against the Bugle? Is there something else? Right now, I'm intrigued and hardly can't wait for issue 3.

Overall Rating

What can I say? Great story, great art. Still only 4 webs because the costume doesn't fit in. It's the new look, designed for the upcoming movie but the story takes place in the past. Not that I dislike the new costume, it just doesn't fit in. But perhaps there's an easy solution to that. We'll just have to wait and see. (OK, I know, the costume is hardly seen this issue, but I had to think of something to deduct 1 web, right?)