Ultimate Spider-Man: Coloring Paint Set (Tri-Coastal, 2011)

 Posted: Sep 2016
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This cardboard-boxed paint set is from Tri-Coastal, released in 2011 under license. It was imported into Canada by Bravada Industries, and hence features all text bi-lingual English/French.

Story Details

  Ultimate Spider-Man: Coloring Paint Set (Tri-Coastal, 2011)
Summary: Five Paints, Brush, Four Cardboard Images to Paint
Publisher: Tri-Coastal Design

The box contains a paintbrush (not shown in photo), five paints, and five 8" x 10" illustrations to color, each on a loose sheet of thin cardboard.

The illustrations are "Paint-By-Numbered", but I'm really not sure why. I inspected one of the images at random and noted that all the colors marked on Spider-Man's body are "1", the logo is entirely "5", and the background is "2". So what's the point of numbering? I'm quite sure that any kid capable of counting is also smart enough to paint three different objects in three different colors.

Actually, on most of the images there are some bits that don't have any numbers on them at all. Maybe the design team gave up in disgust and refused to complete their pointless task? Or perhaps they were drunk for the first part and then fell unconscious before they were done. Who knows.

General Comments

The paint pots are small, but there's probably just enough paint to color all four sheets. But I suspect that the paint will need to be spread relatively thin, and the little number guides will actually show through the paint.

The colors lack variety: Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow and Grey. Two blues?

Overall Rating

I actually purchased my copy in a discount store in Australia in 2016, not in Canada at all. And despite the box being battered, and the paint brush ripped-out and lost, they still wanted to charge me $6 for the damn thing.

I can't help but feel slightly ripped-off by that, and I'm going to have to downgrade the rating to match. Maybe that's not fair. Probably the original pricing was lower. But who said life was ever fair?

One-and-a-half webs.


A modified version was released in 2014 with a $1 pre-marked price. It featured one extra pot of paint, but was reduced to only two coloring sheets.

 Posted: Sep 2016
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)