Stick With Spider-Man: Storm City (Paradise)


This isn't so much a review as a collector's guide to variants. Basically, there are so many different flavours of these "Paradise" books that a few notes are required to cover all the different variants.

These Paradise books are so prolific that here at SpiderFan, we consider books with the same cover art and page count to be the same, regardless of year of publication, pricing information, etc.

Story Details

None of these sticker books have ISBN numbers. All feature 16 colored glossy pages, plus a two-page centrefold of stickers to peel and place.

The first two books were released in 2002. I have also seen a 2004 reprint of at least one of them. In the 2004 version, the US/Canda pricing is missing from the cover.

Overall Rating

Perfectly adequate. The bright colors more than compensate for the rather simple art work, but hey, this ain't the Louvre. Three and a half webs.