Meredith "Giant" Spider-Man Color and Activity Book

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Meredith brought out a bunch of coloring back in 2005. They came in three sizes, Big, Giant, and Jumbo. This is the middle one... "Giant", which confusingly is available in a 96pp version and a 144pp version.

The 96pp version is price-marked at US$2.99, but came in a boxed set. The 144pp version doesn't have a price. That maybe means that it was also bundled with something, rather than sold separately. But if so, then I'm afraid I have no idea what it was boxed with.

Story Details

The art here is the same as in the other books. The "Big" is 48pp + stickers, this "Giant" one ($3) is 96 or 144 pages with no stickers, and the "Jumbo" ($6) is 400 pages. That leaves this little fellow somewhat awkward - no stickers, and not huge. Hmm... tough choice.

General Comments

It's a coloring book, what else. The art is OK, though a bit shaky... it sometimes looks like it has been computer converted to B&W from full-color images from Ultimate Spider-Man. The paper is cheap newsprint. Supposedly the pages are "Easy Tear-Out" - but I didn't try. There's no plot, just pages of unconnected art to color.

Oh, I might mention that both variants of this book were a bit hard to find. Amazon ran out of the 96pp Black Version, and didn't get any more. There was only one listed on Amazon's second hand place. As for the Blue one, that doesn't seem to be listed on Amazon. I think I bought it on eBay. So that's cool, they're collector's items!

Overall Rating

Three bucks, Three webs. No more or less than you would expect.

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)