The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (Parkes Run) (Story 2)

 Posted: Apr 2020
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This is the second 8-page story in this 16 page coloring book.

It is of course also in black-and-white. The pencils for the first (Spider-Man) story were by Alex Saviuk, while this second (Spider-Woman) tale is penciled by Winslow Mortimer. Inking for both is courtesy of Mike Esposito.

Story 'Mischief at The Money Show!'

  The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (Parkes Run) (Story 2)
Summary: Spider-Woman vs. The Vulture
Writer: David Kraft
Pencils: Winslow Mortimer
Inker: Mike Esposito

Spider-Woman foils a burglar robbing the safe from jewelry store at midnight. She stuns the thief, but is herself KO'd by an unknown assailant.

The next day, in her civilian persona as Jessica Drew, she attends a rooftop "Money Show". No, not the eponymous gangsta rap album, nor the busking street-performance act from Amsterdam involving three mime artists and a tarpaulin with a hole in it.

A New York "Money Show" is like a flea-market but for silver and diamonds and rare coins.

The Vulture flies onto the scene, steals some diamonds, then eventually loses a four-page aerial dogfight with Spider-Woman, who as you known can also fly (a little bit) but has the additional advantage of possessing a ranged attack.

General Comments

The first part of the story indicates that the Vulture just happened to be flying around at midnight and by complete chance stumbled across Spider-Woman holding a bag of money.

Firstly, I didn't even know that Vulture was allowed to fly at night. Doesn't he operate under VFR?

Secondly, that's results in a LOT of coincidences being chained together here in eight pages:

  1. Spider-Woman "just happened" to stumble over the robbery.
  2. Vulture "just happened" to stumble over Spider-Woman as she stumbles over the robbery.
  3. Spider-Woman "just happened" to turn up at the right location, just in time for the second robbery.

As Auric Goldfinger famously said:

One coincidence is, well, a coincidence. Two coincidences is bad writing. Three coincidences is the kind of shit we've come to expect from David Kraft.

Overall Rating

This story really, really sucked.

Four Webs. I love this coloring book.

 Posted: Apr 2020
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)