Spider-Man 3 Colour & Carry (Hunter Lesiure)

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Hunter Leisure is a Australia/NZ brand which produces the occasional Spider-Man activity pack. They seem to specialize in complex bundles - everything comes with pencils or crayons, and consists of several different components which are individually not very large. Variety is definitely their differentiating factor.

After a couple of "fun packs" (Spider-Man Fun Pack (Hunter Lesiure) and Spider-Man 3 Fun Pack (Hunter Lesiure)), we now get this "Colour and Carry".

Story Details

  Spider-Man 3 Colour & Carry (Hunter Lesiure)
Summary: Includes 12 pencils, stickers, activity book
Publisher: Hunter Leisure

This combo pack is all mounted on a stiff piece of card with a cardboard carry handle. On the left hand side is a built-in pack of 12 full-sized color pencils, fantastic stuff! Of course, you'll need to provide your own pencil sharpener for long trips.

The "notepad with 20 color and activity pages" actually has 41 leaves in it, or technically 82 pages. The first 20 leaves feature puzzles and coloring in pages on one side only. The remaining 21 leaves are blank on both sides for you to do your own drawing. The pages are quite thin, so putting art on both sides would probably not have been possible.

The art work is relatively clean line drawings, the same as in the Spider-Man 3 Fun Pack (Hunter Lesiure) activity book, and again rather similar to what you'll find in the Spider-Man Color/Activity Books (HarperCollins) series that also tied into the Spider-Man 3 movie. Again, while the New Green Goblin appears on the cover, and while Venom and Sandman are mentioned by name in the puzzles, none of the villains actually appear in the coloring pages themselves.

The villains do feature in the 1-page sheet of stickers at the front of the activity book. There are 13 medium-sized stickers. The back of the pack features a large glossy cityscape scene for you to place (and hopefully peel-off and re-place) the stickers.

General Comments

Thin paper, blank pages, and lack of villains in the artwork mean that the activity book is definitely the weak point of this colour & carry pack. But the 12 full-sized pencils, nice stickers and sticker scene definitely go some way to redeeming those faults.

The overall presentation and construction is good, and there's a sense of solidity in this kit which is conspicuously absent from Hunter Leisure's fun packs.

Overall Rating

Some good, some bad, but overall this is worth an average three webs, making it by far the best Spidey product we've seen from these guys.

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)