Spider-Man 3: Puzzles and Gel Pen

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Like most of the activity books in this HarperCollins series tying into the Spider-Man 3 movie, this book is 8.25" wide by 10.75" tall. This one has 32 pages of nice clean white paper stock. Cover is glossy card, as most of the others.

Story Details

The gimick for this book is a silver gel-pen on the front cover. The rest of the book is full of crosswords and (heaven help us) sudoku. Personally I can't stand sudoku - to me it seems like the mental equivalent of chewing gum. Computer programs can spit out sudoku puzzles at a rate of five thousand per second. Give me a decent cryptic crossword any time, carefully hand-crafted. But those mindless number-grids? Blech!

But I digress. There are also some crosswords (non-cryptic) and some word-finds (which are also mindless toil, but I guess it's better than watching TV). The answers are in the back. And as one final bonus feature, the back cover features five matching pairs of Spidey cards that you can cut out and use to plan a matching/memory game.

General Comments

At US$4.99 this is probably fair value. Pen, cut-out cards, some puzzles... and high grade paper. Nothing really to complain about... except those damn sudoku!

Overall Rating

An average three webs, nudged down because of... you-know-what.

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)