Spider-Man Coloring Book (Funtastic)

 Posted: 2003
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


I'm guessing that in 2002, Funtastic jumped the gun a little. They brought out a range of activity books a little bit ahead of the main movie blitz. There were six different books... a Coloring Book, a Sticker Book, a Bumper Book (just a bigger coloring book), a Tattoo Book, and a Paint with Water Book.

The sixth book was a smaller activity book (coloring, spot the difference, finish the picture, etc.) which came in a bagged pack along with the coloring book (also available separately), and a box of four crayons.

Story Details

Here's the coloring book, 24 pages of line-art for your coloring pleasure! Little difference between the two except the cover. There's lots of ink shading in the pictures, rather than just thin lines. I would suspect that even your average three year old would have little trouble working within the lines and making a half-decent job of coloring this book!

General Comments

Very little imagination in this series... probably enough to get through the first, small, coloring book. Unfortunately, it got spread a lot thinner than that! There was very little variety in the art in the first place, and then it got re-cycled through six different activity books, and then re-re-cycled through a second series!

Overall Rating

Disappointing really. Two webs.


Then when movie madness hit, Funtastic re-released these books with updated "Movie" covers... featuring the new look Spidey and Green Goblin. The interior was basically untouched, although a few of the drawings were swapped around, some were replaced by blank "Draw a Picture" pages. Also, some of the text and graphics were replaced with updated "movie-style" equivalents. The Paint with Water book appears to have been dropped for the second run.

 Posted: 2003
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)