Spider-Man "Spider-Sense" Coloring/Activity (32pp, Bendon)

 Posted: Jan 2011
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Bendon have picked up the Spider-Man activity & coloring book mantle and have been gently popping out a few different items here and there over the past two or three years. In 2009, most of those items were marked as "Spider-Sense" Spider-Man.

This example is a smaller 32 coloring book.

Story Details

This book is staple-binding 32 pages. The paper bleached which makes it better than newsprint, but otherwise not particularly high quality. The other "bonus" in this book is a sheet of stickers stapled into the book.

In terms of the actual content, essentially it's identical to the content from it's larger cousin Spider-Man "Spider-Sense" Coloring/Activity (288pp, Bendon), and also to the earlier Amazing Spider-Man Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book (Bendon) from 2006.

The material appears to have been created by Bendon for their various Spider-Man titles. There's a good mix of coloring pages, puzzles, games, and even a few recipes thrown in for good measure. Blend your own fruity "Sandman Slushy", anybody?

General Comments

Artwork, production and content is all of the high quality you might expect from an official Marvel licensed product actually made in the U.S.A. While there is some duplication of pages between the different books, in general Bendon is working from a large pool of original content.

Overall Rating

I'm not sure what the original RRP for this 32 page book was, compared to the 288 page giant-sized equivalent. However, nowadays they all tend to sell for about $3 or $4 plus shipping. This fella is smaller, of course, but benefits from the sheet of stickers and the higher paper quality.

In the end, I feel obliged to acknowledge the clean lines of the artwork and the variety of content and give it four webs, regardless of any cost comparison. Bendon produces good stuff, and it's nice to to seem them taking care of the Spider-Man franchise.

 Posted: Jan 2011
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)