The Amazing Spider-Man Activity Book (Bendon)

 Posted: Jun 2011
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This coloring/activity book contains a bit of everything. It was one of the first books produced by Bendon when they picked up the Spider-Man license back in 2006.

Story Details

  The Amazing Spider-Man Activity Book (Bendon)
Summary: Puzzles, Games, Stickers, Pull-Out Poster, Growth Chart
Publisher: Bendon Publishing

Physically, this book is 8" x 10.5" with 24 clean white pages of drawing and activities. The coloring pictures are generally acceptable, with clean-enough lines. There's a few puzzles too for variety, with "pick the odd one out" and "match the logo to the character", along with a couple of word games.

But the extras are what really make this book interesting. The center spread is a bonus 50 stickers (not that large of course, given that they fill only two pages worth of space). Then there's a fold-out poster that expands to about 13" x 20". Last but not least, there's a "height chart" to stick on your wall. It's 20" tall, and is designed to be mounted 23" off the floor, meaning it measures kid-heights up to 43" total.

General Comments

There we go. A bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of the other. All in all it's not that weighty, but the variety goes some way towards making up for the lack of bulk.

Overall Rating

All-round a solid package, and it deserves recognition for making a good effort.

It gets three and a half webs from me.


This same format was re-presented two years later in Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series Activity Book with Stickers (Bendon). The same dimensions, page count, sticker count, poster and height chart formula was used - but all of the art was entirely updated.

A "Marvel Heroes" version of this book was produced also, Marvel Heroes: Activity Book (Bendon). It follows the same format, but the art features a variety of Marvel Heroes, not just Spidey.

 Posted: Jun 2011
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)