Spider-Man: Behind The Mask Of Spider-Man

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Lord Byron (E-Mail)


Huge book about the year 2002 feature film, Spider-Man.

Story Details

I can't give you details! Seriously, this is a 200+ page book packed with just about everything you want to know about the Spider-Man movie. It of course talks about Spider-Man from the comics, how the film got started, who worked on it, who stars in it, everything. Details on the special effects, the stunts, the costumes, the props (weapons, glider, etc.), cgi animation, how it was all done, how it was all made, its all in here! *Whew*

The book is also packed with hundreds of photos, some from the film, some 'off camera' along with never-before seen pictures of early cgi shots, storyboards, and original art concepts. As this book explains all the secrets, it generally follows the storyline of the movie, and while it doesn't specifically tell the story, you know what is going on. There are also some additional plot points explained that were cut (or not filmed) for the final version.

General Comments

Short review, but what can I say? This book is a must-have for any Spidey fan, just like a copy of the movie is going to be. Its "The Making of Spider-Man: The Movie" in book form, go out and get yourself one now!

Overall Rating

5 webs, nothing less will do.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Lord Byron (E-Mail)