Spider-Man: Hide, Seek & Destroy

 Posted: May 2010
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This is another quirky little book from "Fun Works" in the 1990's. It's hardback, 8.25" x 9.25", and it has twelve pages which combine with the front and back inside covers to make up seven double-page spreads... with a gimmick!

Story Details

The story is pretty simple. Jonah has been kidnapped, and the super-villain responsible has left a trail of clues for Spider-Man to follow. And follow he does, with Spider-Senses tingling on every page.

Each double-page spread features an illustrated scene. The pages are card, and within each scene are one or more doors which open up like an advent calendar to reveal a small picture. The pictures form the clue. But wait... in the final scene... it's a TRAP!

Spidey defeats... well... the villain, who's identity I shall not disclose, in the interests of keeping some small surprise for you to enjoy. Jonah is rescued, but Spider-Man knows better than to expect any thanks.

The End.

General Comments

Every "Fun Works" Spider-Man book has a gimmick, and this "open door mystery" is as good as any. Naturally, the "story" is nothing more than a reason to turn the next page and open more doors. But hey, this isn't a "story" book.

Overall Rating

If this doesn't delight a pre-teen boy then I have no idea what does. [Here insert tasteless jibe at the expense of the Catholic Church if you feel so inclined].

Four webs.

 Posted: May 2010
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)