Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #577 (Story 2)

Story 'J. Jonah Jameson! I name thee murderer!'

  Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #577 (Story 2)
Summary: A Bookie Minute Mystery
Editor: Stephen Wacker
Writer: Joe Kelly
Pencils: Barry Kitson
Inker: Mark Farmer

The Bookie – (Bob Gale's character from a few issues back) – storms into Jonah Jameson's apartment accusing him of being the Spider Tracer Killer based on some, well, odd evidence.

Jonah doesn't say much, before revealing his scars from his transplant operation. He then gets a stun gun and blasts the Bookie, kicking him out of his apartment. Bookie lies on the floor and decides he was wrong about Jameson – but now knows the real killer.

General Comments

This six-page story is just a bit odd. We get to see Jonah back to health but any link he has to the Bookie is unknown. And how many people would really allow someone to storm into their house and accuse them of murder? In fact, who would just allow someone to storm into their house?

And why's the bookie bothered about who the Spider Tracer Killer is anyway? All in all, a rather odd little interlude that's held together by Barry Kitson's lovely work on Jonah. The electrocution panel is particularly good.

Overall Rating