Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #575

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)

Story 'Drop the Hammer'

Spidey has a homeless woman, Greta, on his back as he looks to escape some goon dressed as clowns. Greta has adopted a rat, who has had its brain genetically altered so it is very clever. The goona want it back. Spidey evades them, in turn making them crash to the ground, before dropping off Greta and getting a kiss for his troubles.

Out in Chinatown, Hammerhead is meeting Mr Negative. Hammerhead was, well killed, during Civil War. But Negative has restored and retooled him. Hammerhead says he has an idea – and wants to build something. Later, in the Bronx, he is talking to some low-level gang members.

At the Front Line office, Ben has told Peter he wants him to go see mayoral candidate Hollister. He goes there with Norah Winters from the office, who knows all about Peter trying to avoid Harry's girlfriend, Lily. They run into May, who also doesn't approve of Lily. Peter gets into an altercation with a guy, Harold, after befriending his brother Anthony.

Of course, Harold just happens to be a member of a gang looking to take on Hammerhead that night. Spider-Man tracks him down though to try to stop him doing anything stupid. Spidey makes a bit of a mess of the tough-talk, however.

Back in the flat, Hammerhead has taken out all the goons – except Anthony. Spidey jumps in – but breaks his hand and ribs in trying to stop the villain. He goes for Hammerhead's larynx – but it has been reinforced. Spidey is left in a pool of blood on the floor, while Hammerhead stands over him...

General Comments

An OK issue – but one built primarily on what seems to be a pretty big coincidence: Peter running into Anthony and Harold. It also has around seven pages at the start which don't really relate to the rest of the story. Take out the 'Greta' parts of the story and you're left with around 16 pages of relevant story – not too much for your $3 really.

Also, we were told Brand New Day would allow the creators to explore new ideas and storylines. But to make this story what it was, not only did it involve an 'old' villain – but it resurrected one who was previously dead!

The art from Chris Bachalo is mixed. The way he fills a panel and page looks excellent in places – but overdone and hard to decipher in others. Particularly in the action sequences, it's not always easy to figure out exactly what has happened.

Overall Rating

This is just alright. Joe Kelly's dialogue seems better than his overall ideas and the story seems short.

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)