Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #369 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Stunner (E-Mail)


Invasion of the Spider-Slayers part Two!

Story 'Electric Doom'

Peter Parker takes his parents, long though dead, but apparently live and well after spending 20 years in a Russian prison, to view the campus of Empire State University. Flash and Peter talk about going to high school together, and then Peter overhears that Electro is causing a ruckus with some cops and makes a quick change to Spider-Man and rushes into action.

Spidey dives into action against Electro. Our hero fares well until he is attacked by a humanoid killer robot. Spider-Man doesn't seem to be able to hurt the robot, and his situation goes from bad to worse as Electro and the robot team up against Spidey. Spider-Man rushes into a condemned building and the robot follows him in. Spidey empties his web cartriges on the robot, but the robot just keeps coming. Eventually, Spider-Man exits the condemned building and tricks Electro into zapping a fuse that blows up the building with the robot still inside. The robot is destroyed, Electro escapes, and Spider-Man is still in the dark about who is sending the robots. Meanwhile, the Tinkerer gives Felicia Hardy a briefcase, and she says that she has a surprise for a certain Spider.

General Comments

Once again, not a great story, but not a bad story. These biweekly sagas always seem to be thrown together, and are not bad by any means, but are usually nothign special. Bagley rocks.

Overall Rating

Same explanation as last issue and probably the same explanation I will give for every issue in this biweekly saga. Specifically, not too bad, not too good. Bagley's art is great.

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Stunner (E-Mail)