Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #246

 Posted: 2008


Ever wonder what Spider-Man and his supporting cast daydream about? Read on...

Story 'The Daydreamers!'

Felicia Hardy is still in the hospital recovering from wounds she received from Dr. Octopus. She gets up to stretch her legs when Spider-Man shows up with her costume. They swing off to a foreign embassy to steal some secret documents... for the good of America, of course! Spidey lowers Cat in on a web line to get the papers through the building's skylight. Once they've got the goods, the meet up with agent Phelps and are given $500,000 for their services. Spidey & Cat hop on a speed boat and take off for a vacation to Monaco. Spidey removes his mask to reveal he's... Carry Grant?! The doctor enters Felicia's room and scolds her for being out of bed in her condition, bringing her back to reality.

Jonah Jameson reads the latest headline of the Bugle, hot off the press. The headline reads "Spider-Man Does It Again," much to Jameson's annoyance. Spidey pops in to taunt Jameson, saying that if it weren't for him, the Bugle wouldn't sell. Jameson lashes out, giving the web-head a beating in front of all the Bugle employees, including Peter Parker. Spidey confesses that he's just a menace and the paper does more good than he himself ever could. The new evening edition of the Bugle reads "Publisher Defeats Spider-Menace, Jameson Named Publisher of the Century." His hair even changes back to all black. Coming back down to Earth, Jameson realizes that the Bugle prints facts, not fiction.

Mary Jane is on her way to a show with a friend when she sees her name up on sign in lights. The show opening is months away and people are already waiting in line in advance. The crowd sees MJ and he's bombarded with pens and papers for autographs. She auditions for a role to play herself when she's approached by her sister Gayle, who asks if there's room for her in her life story. MJ's friend alerts the daydreaming MJ, who is standing in a nun's way. MJ's friend tells her she looked so serious when she was lost in thought, but MJ just downplays it.

Spidey is outside of the Avenger's mansion thinking about an offer to join the team. He sees Jameson out jogging but the publisher's exercise gets interrupted by a horde of villains from the Marvel universe. Spidey wings down to help, setting up his automatic camera to take pictures of the fight. Seeing Spider-Man save his life, Jameson admits that he's been wrong about him and even kisses his feet. A press conference is held for Peter Parker's photo of Jameson kissing Spidey's feet. Dr. Sloan comes racing in informing Peter that the experimental formula he left behind is a cure for everything. That's right, EVERYTHING. As proof of this, aunt May's finance Nathan shows that he can walk again. Peter is showered with attention from reporters but he has another event to turn up for as Spider-Man. The Mayor offers him the key to the city and the Avengers and Fantastic Four want Spidey to join their teams. All is going well until Spidey's reflection hits Captain America's shield and reveals the face behind the mask, which has everyone saying "HE'S JUST SOME SKINNY KID!" Spidey tries to explain but everyone walks off.

"HEY SKINNY!" someone shouts, snapping our hero out of dreamland. A couple of punks are pestering a kid who'd rather study. Spidey steps in and said punks scatter like roaches when the lights are turned on. Spidey commends the kid for sticking to his studies but tells him not to get too lost in his books. Spider-Man swings off as the boy looks on. The kid can't believe someone like Spider-Man actually talked to him. He thinks that he wants to be just like Spidey and imagines himself as Spider-Man swinging, with glasses on.

General Comments

Roger Stern's run on Amazing Spider-Man is remembered for many things. Spidey's fight with Juggernaut, the birth of the Hobgoblin, and some back story on the Vulture. This story, which gives us a look into the thoughts of Spidey and friends gets lost among those aforementioned great tales.

By far my favorite daydream was Spider-Man's. Coming to Jameson's rescue and having Jameson kneel at his feet was priceless as was the Avengers and Fantastic Four calling Spidey "A SKINNY KID!" Great moments. The story is worth it for Spideys daydream alone.

Oh and the super villains all smiling for the camera in Spidey's day dream? Well that's five different kinds of funny.

Overall Rating

Three and a half webs. Why can't we get more stories like this?

 Posted: 2008