Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #224

Story 'Let Fly These Aged Wings!'

An unusually offbeat story. Adrian Toomes (The Vulture), feeling old and beaten down, has retired to a nursing home, where Aunt May's boyfriend Nathan resides. Nathan convinces Toomes that he's still got a lot of living to do, so Toomes rebuilds his Vulture apparatus and goes on a looting spree.

Meanwhile, Peter goes with Aunt May to visit Nathan. When Peter meets Toomes, Toomes realizes that Peter recognizes him, and trains a gun on him. Peter obligingly goes along with it. Toomes ties Pete up, and comes back later only to find that Pete is free, and Spidey's the guy who freed him.

After a melee through the rest home, the Vulture grabs a hostage, not realizing that the hostage is Nathan! When he does realize, however, he realizes he can't hurt Nathan, because he gave him his life back. The Vulture lets him go, and gets away, while Spidey is being marauded by grateful seniors.