Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #152

 Posted: 1997
 Staff: Tim Eimiller (E-Mail)

Story 'Shattered by the Shocker!'

Spider-Man is about to drown. The rubble is piled from the sewer floor up the shaft to the street. Spider-Man begins to swim for the next access shaft. As he makes it the rubble from behind gives way under the water's pressure. The deluge washes Spider-Man down the completely filled sewer. But he doesn't panick. He holds his breath. Just as he's about to black-out the sewer spills out into the river and Spider-Man gasps for air.

Later Spider-Man sees the city mayor on the six o'clock news. He has just received a tape from the Shocker. "You already know my name," the Shocker says at the beginning of the tape, "It was written across the city in letters twenty stories tall!"

The Shocker wants one million dollars by midnight, or he'll black out the entire city. He wants an answer on the six o'clock evening news. The mayor gives his answer, "No!! The people of the city of New York will not submit to blackmail! We will not be intimidated by the threats of a madman! In short - we will not surrender!"

Spider-Man heads for the 41st street power station. He knows the Shocker will follow up his threat by destroying the city's power units. But that station is guarded thanks to the mayor's precautions. Spidey heads for the next closest one, in Queens. Spidey sees a gaurd at that station, too, but realizes that the gaurd is unconscious and merely propped against the wall. The Shocker is here.

Spidey enters the station and makes his way through the dynamos. He enters the lower level and finds another unconscious guard. The Shocker then gets the drop on Spidey, blasting him across the floor and into a brick wall, he then keeps up his assault trying to batter the web-head right through the wall.

Spider-man tries to taunt the Shocker into coming closer, but the Shocker's not biting. He continues his attack, this time he means to kill Spider-Man. Spider-Man thinks, "Those vibro-blasts of his are turning me into wall-crawling oatmeal! If I don't make my move soon - I'll never move again!"

Just then two guards arrive with guns leveled at the Shocker. "Okay mister - put up your hands!" shouts one as the other says, "Move it, fella - or we'll drop you!" The Shocker relinquishes his attack on Spidey and whirls about sending the guards sprawling across the floor with his wrist units.

"Whew! Those security guards showed up in the proverbial nick!" thinks Spidey, "But I don't think Shockie appreciates their timing! His vibro-blasters will tear those guys apart - unless everybody's favorite samaritan-about-town lends a hand - and fast!"

Spider-Man climbs the wall he was nearly battered through and webs the Shocker's feet. Looping his web over a gangplank high above he leaps to the floor, pulling the Shocker up and upside down. The Shocker is furious, "I'll get you for this web-spinner! I swear I'll get you!" he screams.

But then one of the guards fires at Spidey as the other rushes him with a billy club. Spidey subdues them both as the Shocker shatters the ledge Spidey has stuck the webbing to. "Now, wall-crawler let's see how you fare against me face-to-face!" says the Shocker as he drops to the floor.

Spider-Man leaps right at him to the Shocker's surpise. "Why so surpised, big mouth?" says Spidey, "You wanted to fight me face-to-face, so why not hand to hand?" The Shocker is not impressed. He grabs the wall-crawler and hurls him right at a whirling dynamo. "I don't need my vibro-powers to deal with trash like you!" he fumes.

Spider-Man reacts quickly and webs the wall opposite the roaring dynamo, the webbing pulls taut keeping Spider-Man inches away from the whirling blades. He flips to safety and again confronts the Shocker. "Blast you, web-slinger," says the Shocker, "You have more lives than a cat!"

Spider-Man attempts a reply but before he can finish the Shocker punches him into a door. Wasting no time the Shocker leaps after Spider-Man and they both crash through the door into a supply room. The Shocker lands on top of Spidey and the web-head boots him off further into the room.

The Shocker whirls and fires both gauntlets at Spidey who simultaneously fires his webbing. The webbing strikes the Shocker's thumbs webbing them to the vibro-shock units. They are now locked in the "ON" position. Giving the Shocker a punch the Shocker begins ricocheting around the room as his vibro-shocks bounce him from wall to wall to ceiling to floor.

The Shocker is helpless to stop himself and is battered into unconsciousness as his wrist units burn out. The police arrive and Spidey swings off, leaving a message, "Compliments of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."

 Posted: 1997
 Staff: Tim Eimiller (E-Mail)