Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #93

 Posted: 9 Apr 2024
 Staff: Dave Sippel (E-Mail)


George Stacy died in an accident during a fight between Spider-Man and Doc Ock. Previously, Spidey had asked Hobie Brown to impersonate him in front of the Stacy’s to end any suspicion of his double life.

Story 'The Lady And... The Prowler!'

  Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #93
Summary: Return of the Prowler
Editor: Stan Lee
Writer: Stan Lee
Pencils: John Romita, Sr.
Inker: John Romita, Sr.
Cover Art: John Romita, Sr.
Reprinted In: Marvel Selects #6
Reprinted In: Marvel Tales #74
Reprinted In: Essential Spider-Man #5
Articles: Gwen Stacy, Prowler

At her father’s home, a weeping Gwen wondered where her boyfriend was. Ever since her dad died, Peter had been acting strangely and almost avoiding her. The loneliness was hard on her but she was conflicted when her uncle Arthur called. He had just heard an his brother George’s death and wanted her to come live with them in England. She was tempted but needed time to think it over. The door rang and Peter was there, apologizing for not being there sooner. She tearfully told him that she’d just gotten a call from her uncle asking her to live with them in London. She said that there was nothing for her in New York and she had to leave. In a panic, Peter considered proposing to her but untold her to stay. They kissed and she said that her love for him was even greater than her hate for Spider-Man. He remembered the situation and told her he had no right to tell her what to do. She took it the wrong way and said he had the right but wouldn’t do it. She said she was tired and he could show himself out.

As Peter walked home, he thought about how much he loved her but he could never tell her his secret. In an alley Peter blew up, screaming about how Spider-Msn had ruined his life. He’d brought nothing but tragedy and now he’d cost him the woman he loved. At the same time, he couldn’t stop being the wallcrawler any more than he could stop breathing. He went web swinging looking for a fight. At the same time, Hobie Brown was sitting with his girlfriend and reading the Daily Bugle. She was concerned that he hadn’t said anything and he said he had a lot on his mind. He said he had to take care of something but wouldn’t tell her what it was. After he left, he remembered how Spider-Man had asked him to stand in for him. He recognized Captain Stacy at the group of people he masqueraded for and now he was dead. He wondered if Spider-Man had somehow gotten him involved in the officer’s death. He’d never planned on becoming the Prowler again but for his conscience, he needed to capture Spider-Man. He made his way to the Stacy house, since Spidey was so involved with the family.

No amount of web swinging was going to take Peter’s mind off of Gwen and he knew he had to talk to her. As he swung away, a couple of officers watched him and planned on capturing him. Spider-Man crouched outside of Gwen’s window, watching as she sobbed. He was conflicted about what to do but as he was about to tap on the window, he dodged a blast from behind him. Spidey realized that Prowler blamed him for George Stacy’s death and assumed he was also after Gwen. Gwen briefly saw the fight out the window before Prowler chased Spider-Man across the rooftops. He accused Spider-Man of tricking him into taking part in the death but wouldn’t listen to an explanation. The two cops watched the chase and called for backup.

Prowler had cornered Spider-Man into a shadowy alleyway but Spidey doubled back and knocked him into a skylight. They fell into an elevator shaft and Prowler’s claws failed to help him cling to the wall. Spidey’s webbing didn’t hold him but lessened his impact against the top of the elevator. He was unconscious but breathing and Spider-Man discarded his Prowler costume on the roof. Spider-Man knew it would take Hobie a while to make a new costume and gadgets, which he was fine with. He dropped off the unconscious Hobie in an empty hospital room and called a doctor, who had no idea how he’d gotten into the room. He then called Mindy, Hobie’s girlfriend. She arrived at the hospital and stayed by his bed.

Spider-Man went back to Gwen’s apartment and found a new woman in her place. The startled woman told him that Gwen had said something about the airport and Spider-Man immediately swung away. He changed back to Peter at the airport and ran to the information desk and was told that the earliest flight to London was just leaving. He walked away completely dejected, thinking he’d lost her forever.

General Comments

I wonder how much time took place between George’s funeral and Peter showing up at Gwen’s apartment. Long enough for her to think he didn’t care. It’s surprising just how shaky their relationship was. She didn’t think he wanted her and she thought she had no reason to stay in New York…except Peter. Then she kicked him out of her apartment because he wouldn’t decide for her if she should stay or go. Then Peter went into a rage that he hated Spider-Man but immediately went web swinging. I understand she was confused from grief and he was stressed but they don’t know what they want.

This was the first appearance of uncle Arthur, whom would be pretty unimportant until he returned to comics over twenty years later. I always thought it was odd how Steve Ditko drew all adults as geriatric but John Romita drew Arthur even older than George. Seriously, his face is almost melting.

It’s a little surprising that Prowler gave Spidey as much trouble as he did. He hadn’t wanted to become the Prowler again but still had learned a lot and became more mature over the past months. Sheesh, someone else that can’t make up their mind.

Mindy got to the hospital in minutes after the call. Gwen moved out of her apartment and booked a flight to London in, what?, a few hours at most. I know things move in “a New York minute” but wow.

The police served no purpose. I guess Stan needed to take up some space. Then again, the police are kind of useless in comic books anyway. Zing!

Overall Rating

It was a weaker issue and melodramatic but it’s good to see that the backlash from George Stacy’s death wasn’t finished in just one month.

 Posted: 9 Apr 2024
 Staff: Dave Sippel (E-Mail)