Spider-Girl (Vol. 1) #67

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Wildman (E-Mail)


Recently, while arguing with a classmate, Nancy Lu outed herself as a mutant. Midtown High has been sharply divided ever since. But when the talk turns to violence, what will Nancy do? Plus, May Parker--the Sensational Spider-Girl-- makes a decision or two of her own.

Story 'Monsters!'

It's morning in Forest Hills and May Parker is helping her parents clean up after May's surprise birthday party (which she missed). Peter, predictably, is upset that she had anything to do with the Black Tarantula, adding to May's own insecurity about how she handled the situation. MJ stops her on the way to school and asks what she wants for her birthday; May says she'll get back to her on that. Still thinking about the Tarantula--as well as the other problems going on in her life--she decides that she needs "to make some serious changes, girl!"

Upon arrival at Midtown High, May is sickened to find Nancy Lu's being hung in effigy in front of her locker (complete with a banner that reads "Mutie!") Most of her friends are sickened by the display, but Brad Miller brushes it off. "Nancy kind of brought it on herself by trying to pass for human and for using her mutant powers against a normal kid." Enraged, Jack Jameson gets in his face and May ends up having to separate the two. May walks off with Courtney and the two discuss whether Brad is really anti-mutant. They're interrupted by Meagyn Brady (remember the "Invisible Girl?") who tells May that some people from the football team plan to hassle Nancy that night. Courtney wonders if they should tell anyone; May replies that she knows someone who can keep an eye on Nancy.

May runs into Sandra Healy, who thanks her for getting her into counseling, and spots Howard Kavanaugh--Sandra's abusive ex--running away at the sight of her. Disgusted at herself for nearly breaking Howard's hand recently, for using her spider-powers against a normal kid, May walks into the bathroom and runs into Davida. Frustrated by everything, May chews her head off and storms back out.

Later that evening, at Nancy Lu's house, Nancy's father is expecting people from a "new school" to drop by and talk to her. He assures Nancy that the decision will be hers, but she needs some air. Unwilling to develop her mutant powers or do anything that would keep her from a normal life, Nancy is powerless to defend herself when four hooded high schoolers corner her on the street. Buzz (secretly Jack Jameson) flies in and promptly beats the snot out of the bigoted teens only to be stopped by Spider-Girl, who receives a shock of her own when one of the hooded boys turns out to be Brad Miller. "What if Mayday found out about tonight?" Nancy asks him. "Ha! Whose version do you think she's more likely to believe--yours or mine?" At Nancy's insistence, Buzz lets the boys go. Just then, the people from the "new school" arrive and turn out to be the X-Men (excuse me, "X-People"). They ask Nancy if she wants to transfer. Buzz and Spider-Girl tell her that to do so would be to give in to a handful of extremists. Nancy goes anyway, more afraid of herself than guys like Brad. "Believe it or not, this is the best thing I can do for myself and my family."

Perhaps spurred by Nancy's decision, May decides to make a few of her own. She apologizes to Howard Kavanaugh for hurting him, then calls her mother with her birthday request. That Saturday, May comes home from Mr. Andrew's House of Beauty with a totally made-over May. "Daddy? Daddy, please say something... did we hit the jackpot?"

General Comments

Somehow I think Peter has more reason to be afraid now than he did when she was just Spider-Girl.

This was a great issue and a nice wrap-up to the Nancy Lu plotline. It's understandable that Nancy wanted to live as normal a life as possible, but in doing so she was cheating herself. She's not like everybody else, and trying to hide from that fact could get someone killed someday. She lost her temper and hit Davida with a basketball. What if she'd been holding something heavier, or pushed someone headfirst into a concrete wall? No, she made the right choice, and inspired May to make one of her own in apologizing to Howard Kavanaugh.

So Brad's an anti-mutant kind of guy, huh? Finally some character development with this guy. For 66 issues he's just been some good-looking guy that May occasionally has a crush on, now we get a better look at him and it ain't pretty. Too bad for Brad that he just lost the girl in addition to his sense of decency. Hate just doesn't pay.

Nice touch by having Meagyn Brady reappear in this issue (pun intended.) "I hadn't noticed you." "I get that a lot." Funny stuff.

Good stuff and it's nice to see a one-issue story after two six-parters in a row.

Overall Rating

A good story, some nice touches, an X-Men cameo and a nice closing shot of May. What more do you need? Five webs.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Wildman (E-Mail)