She-Hulk (Vol. 4) #11

 Posted: 2006


She-Hulk has gotten married to Former astronaut John Jameson, son of the Newspaper Magnet J. Jonah Jameson.

Story '6 Shots to the Heart'

For some mysterious reason, John has reverted to his Man Wolf Persona, and is now on a rampage. Attempting to lend a hand to subdue the feral beast is Two- Gun Kid, the 19th Century lawman and one-time Avenger that She-Hulk recently rescued from Limbo. Blinded by her overpowering love for John, Jennifer keeps attempting to stop Matt from shooting her husband up with silver bullets.

Meanwhile Pug - himself in love with Jennifer - is attempting to prove that Jen made a mistake by marring John, as she was under some sort of mystical love spell. When The Kid finally does manage to bring down the Man Wolf (with the afore-mentioned silver bullet), Jen rushes him to the hospital where she is informed that Jameson is an unregistered super-human and because of the Superman Registration Act, the proper authorities must be notified.

It is right around now that Mal (who has looked over the evidence that Pug has unearthed) realizes that her android Andy apparently (inadvertently) absorbed the alien metagod Starfox's ability to influence a person's emotions, and has accidentally caused Mal to fall in love with him, and Jennifer to fall in love with John. Whereupon (brokenheartedly) he turns off his powers, and both women stop loving their respective men.

While under anesthesia, in the OR, John is connected by the stargod living within the moon gem embedded in him and is not only revived, but with all the powers and abilities of Manwolf.

General Comments

The action is fast and furious, and while casual readers are quickly brought up to speed, some things are left a little bit fuzzy (who is this familiar android, and what are his powers, precisely what is the connection Mal and some of the secondary characters have to each other and to the main cast). Still, this are minor points, and really don't affect the overall flow of the story.

It is nice, however, to have the SRA mentioned (even peripherally) within the proper context of the story.

Overall Rating

The story holds up well, all of the characters seem to properly aquit their motivation, and the story, as a whole, holds up as readable.


Spider-Man only appears in a brief, one-page, flashback where Jameson's Manwolf "affliction" is explained.

 Posted: 2006