Shadows & Light #3 (Story 3)


Each issue of this 46-page B&W anthology contained four short stories as well as a few pin-ups.

Story 'Foul Tip'

  Shadows & Light #3 (Story 3)
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor: Joe Andreani
Writer/Artist: Keith Giffen
Inker: Andy Smith

Spider-Man is digging through the demolished ruins of an abandoned building. Apparently, the building was formerly one of AIM's hidden bases. Spidey is mussing that apparently, his old nemesis, Doc Ock, had hooked up with the rogue scientists. Spidey learned about the secret base from an informant that he shook up, and now he is hunting down the villains. Upon locating the fashion-challenged scientist-thugs, Spidey breaks into their base and starts to throw down with them.

After slapping them around for a bit, they finally break out their big gun, and activate an Enhanced AIM 240, Gamma Impulse-Driven, Beta Model Cyber- Sentinel (a robot for the uninitiated). Needless to say, even this mechanical creature is no match for our webbed hero, and Spidey thrashes the tar out of it. With the mechanical monstrosity beaten, Spidey questions the AIM scientists about the whereabouts his multi-limbed foe.

The AIM thug has no idea what Spidey is talking about, until Spidey double- checks the address, only to learn that the demolished, abandoned warehouse that he was looking for is actually across the street.

General Comments

As a short Spidey story, this one reads just fine. It is full of typical Spidey action and it winds out with a very cute punch line, making it entirely worthwhile.

Overall Rating

Wisecracks and action galore, all wrapped up in eight pages, what could be better than that (oh yeah, right, well full color would be fun).


The other stories in this comic are The Hulk (cover-featured, Werewolf by Night, and the Silver Surfer.