Ren & Stimpy #6

 Title: Ren & Stimpy
 Lookback: Lost Classics
 Posted: 2008


In the early 1990's John Kricfalusi unleashed his animated creation of an aggressive, quick-tempered asthma-hound chihuahua and slow-witted cat upon America. And the crowd cheered – when episodes actually came out.

One of the secondary characters created on The Ren & Stimpy Show was Powdered Toast Man, a superhero spoof of Superman© who was closely associated with a kids' cereal bearing his name.

Like any new series, this issue featured Spider-Man in order to boost sales and/or generate interest in the series.

Bringing these elements togoether is a young writer named Dan Slott. Let's see what happens.

Story 'Clash of Titans, Break-fest of Champions'

  Ren & Stimpy #6
Summary: Amazing Spider-Man vs. Powdered Toast Man
Editor: Fabian Nicieza
Writer: Dan Slott
Pencils: Mike Kazaleh
Inker: Mike Kazaleh

The beginning of a typical day in Ren & Stimpy's life. Each day starts with their favorite breakfast cereal: Powdered Toast. Unfortunately they're out of it. Thinking quickly Stimpy contacts Powdered Toast Man, the sponsor – and source – of Powered toast. In his place however is Spider-Man.

Spidey explains that he's subbing for PTM who is being mind-controlled by an evil genius. He then whips up a quick breakfast for the two out of his webbing. He gets a call through a spare pair of elasti-shorts (which serves as a one-way communicator for PTM and his deputies) and leaves. Ren & Stimpy "deeg een" to their web cakes and comment on its stringy, gooey goodness.

Spider-Man meets with the police commissioner who informs him that Powdered Toast Man is being controlled by his nemesis, Dr. Dough-naught, who has sent him on a mindless rampage throughout the city. A city complete with a Yancy street to tear up.

Spider-Man attempts to stop PTM's mindless rampage and exchanges punches and puns with the starch avenger until he (Spider-Man) is encased in a quick-drying membrane gelatin courtesy of PTM. Summoning all his strength – and a few never- before revealed elements of his past – Spidey frees himself from his nasal- spawned prison. He then drenches PTM with the contents of a nearby milk truck. At this point, Dr. Dough-naught becomes personally involved in the fight and begins to beat Spider-Man with a lead pipe.

The milk breaks the mind control over PTM. Taking a lesson from Popeye, he re-energizes himself with some powered toast and helps Spider-Man defeat Dr. Dough-naught.

At this point, Ren & Stimpy reappear. Stimpy suggests that Spider-Man and Powdered Toast Man form a team, to which Spider-Man scoffs; PTM isn't in his class. Powdered Toast Man is offended and punches him through a brick wall.

Epilogue: At the end of the "show", Ren & Stimpy thank Spider-Man for dropping by and try to audition to be his sidekicks. Stimpy's mastery of hairballs and Ren's ocular feats prove to be too much for the web- spinner who leaves before he loses his lunch.

Ask Dr. Stupid: Stimpy – in his role as Dr. Stupid – attempts to scientifically prove who is stronger, Spider-Man or Powdered Toast Man. A quick smell of their armpits indicates that Spider-Man is the stronger of the two heroes.

General Comments

This is a silly comic the way that they should be made. Little exposition, lots of fighting and bad puns, a quick wrap up, and the sudden urge to read it again. At no point will the reader feel cheated due to the shortened length of the story.

Overall Rating

This is a fun combination of Spider-Man and Ren & Stimpy written by Dan Slott. This issue sets a standard of quality that others should follow.

 Title: Ren & Stimpy
 Lookback: Lost Classics
 Posted: 2008