Rampage (UK) #17 (Story 2)


The second story is by writer Ferg Handley, and features the Avengers.

It opens with plot device #206 – a recent military coup in the Eastern European nation of Monravia has taken over a depot of radioactive materials, and the new dictator is demanding a ransom from the United Nations. You do know that the United Nations doesn't really have any money, right?

The Avengers plan to go tidy things up, although there is a certain matter of a defending pack of killer-robots lead by the Crimson Dynamo. That's good for filling a couple of pages with fight scenes.

Oh, yeah... there's the little matter of the Radioactive Man too – if in doubt just add more bad guys.

The Scarlet's Witch hex renders Mr. Radioactive unstable. Then Thor uses the radiation-sucking powers of his hammer to...

Story 'Flashpoint'

  Rampage (UK) #17 (Story 2)
Summary: Avengers Story
Publisher: Panini Magazines
Writer: Ferg Handley
Pencils: John Royle
Inker: Dylan Teague
Lettering: James Clarkson
Colorist: Dylan Teague

The what? Thor's hammer absorbs radiation? Since when?

General Comments

Ugh. What is WRONG with these people writing these stories?

Overall Rating

Bad guys. Avengers fight.

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