Prime #Infinity


Spider-Man appears in Malibu Comic's Black September Infinity month. The comics have solid black covers and are numbered #Infinity. Sure makes it easy to put your comics in order - #Infinity always goes at the end.

Story 'What's a Hero, Anyway?'

Prime has been dropped into the Marvel Universe, something to do with the Avengers. He only seems to have half of his power, since another him is left behind. He accidently releases The Lizard who was in custody after the events of the 1995 Scarlet Spider Super-Special stories.

Spider-Man happens to be there and fights The Lizard, but he's losing. Prime manages to get up enough power, but turns into a Prime/Spider-Man cross with six arms. He gets into the fight and saves Spidey, but in mid-fight there's puff of smoke and he and the Lizard head back to the Ultraverse.

General Comments

Duh! If that's the best Malibu can do then they're sure not gonna sucker me. You can have all the crossovers you like and swap X-Men and Spider-Villains left, right and centre but I'm not buying. I'm already loaded with titles, and the last thing I need is to be conned into buying another ump-teen middle-of-the-road, run-of-the-mill, brand-X comics every month. Nope, go peddle your wares elsewhere Malibu. I'm sticking with the Devil I know.

From the look of it, Ultra-Angst(tm) is as common as Marvel-Angst(tm). The costumed characters look the same, and the marketing ploys are just as blatant.

Overall Rating

This comic has nothing to offer me. The art is nothing special, the plot makes no sense unless you buy a lot of other comics - and I'm not falling for that trick! Sure, the comics marks the (disappointing) end of Lizard in the Marvel-verse, but intrinsically the comic is of little value. One web.