Powerless #5

 Title: Powerless
 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)


Hey, if you're just joining us, then you have a lot of catch up to do! I think we're beyond the point where a "Background" paragraph is going to do much good. Go check out the reviews for issues Powerless #1 - #4, then get back here when you're up to speed, OK?

Story Details

Logan has got Victor (Sabretooth) cornered somewhere in the woods. Victor speculates the reason Logan has broken his programming is because Xavier told him something about Erik's “Phoenix Agenda”, or did something else to make him appear more human. The two of them fight, Logan knocks Victor down but doesn't kill him.

At Peter's home, Captain Stacy is asking Peter about Gwen's disappearance. He says Gwen was going to meet Peter before she went missing and that he has traced a phone call from Gwen's mobile to Pete's the night before. Peter says he doesn't know anything, then goes upstairs. He has the plans from Stark and puts them in his bag before storming off.

Watts is at Murdock's apartment and tells him what Frank Castle told him about a forced confession. The next day, Murdock is back in court. He has photos taken at the police station on the day Castle confessed. The photo of policeman Craig Erwich is not Erwich at all, it is Matthew Senreich – an indirect employee of Wilson Fisk. Murdock tells the court perhaps they should call Fisk – who is at the back of the court – as a witness.

Back at Watts', Logan has returned and says he's now sure he didn't kill Xavier. He says he wants to be on his own now for Watts' own safety. They shake hands and go their own ways.

After going back to Stark, Peter calls Osborn and tells him he has what he wants. Peter then goes to Watts and tells him everything. In an excellently insightful conversation, Watts says he can't be the Adrian to Pete's Rocky who tells him it's all going to be OK and that he should go for it but that Pete must make his own decisions and take the consequences.

At Fisk Tower, Wilson tells his hitman 'Aronson' it's Murdock or him. As Murdock speaks to Frank Castle – who says how great it is he's about to be freed – four hitman stand on Murdock's balcony ready to strike.

General Comments

Things are now all in place for a great finish … so let's just hope there's no disappointment. Peter looks to have made his decision and, despite taking the information for Osborn, I'm sure he won't hand it over quite so easily. Similarly, Murdock is also ready to face the consequences of his actions.

Both of the two come over really well here – characters who have the resolve to fight back and stand up for themselves despite the two immense figures waiting for them – Osborn and Fisk. There's a lot less of Fisk and, in particular, Osborn in this issue, which I hope will be rectified next time around.

For me, though, the conversation between Peter and Watts is the highlight of the story so far. Peter comes across as vulnerable in terms of confidence but strong in terms of depth and knowing what he must do. I'm also glad there was no big fight scene between Logan and Victor. Things worked just as well without it.

There's a nice in-joke reference as Watts' patient Brian says he's been working on his novel “Jinx” for a while. Jinx is Brian Michael Bendis' imprint.

Lastly, it's a bit unclear what's going to happen with Wolverine now. You'd like to think a confrontation with Erik is coming … but that leaves a hell of a lot to pack into the last issue.

Overall Rating

Excellent build-up with good characterisation of our main players. With just one part to go, let's hope the pay-off is worth it. It's all very Bendis-esque right now with plenty of background. Much more often than not Bendis gives us the pay- off … will the same happen here?

 Title: Powerless
 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)