Playstation Magazine (U.S.) #56

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Lord Byron (E-Mail)


Big 12 page Spider-Man feature about the Spider-Man PS2 game, the movie, and comic history in which helped with some contributions!

Story Details

  Playstation Magazine (U.S.) #56
Summary: Spider-Man Feature
Publisher: Ziff Davis Media Inc.
Editor In Chief: John Davison
Feature Writer: Byron Sanders, Chris Baker, John Gaudiosi

With less then a month before the movie hits, Spider-Man sells magazines, but he isn't in here just to generate dollars, there is a kick-ass PS2 (Playstation 2) game coming out based on the movie! This issue also includes a PS2 demo disc, and while it sports demos of games and other goodies, you will want to know that it shows unplayable footage of the Spider-Man PS2 game, and has the theatrical trailer for the Spider-Man movie on it!

In the feature, we have 2 pages opening up, 4 pages about the game, 3 on the movie, and 3 on the comic book side of things. There are some great screenshots of the game and photos from the movie scattered about the feature. One particularly useful bit of information is a complete 'gameography', chronicling all the videogames Spidey has been in to date! If your looking to track them down, you will want this list for sure. John Gaudiosi provides some additional info on the movie, and they include a bunch of other 'news bits' on upcoming comic-related films.

On the comic side of things, this is where I (Byron Sanders) got to work with OPM editor and writer, Chris Baker. Chris did the bulk of the writing of course, and I being a representative of was asked to check over the plot summaries and information he compiled for accuracy, and also make a few submissions. I helped out with the timeline, and created the Top 10 best and Top 5 worst lists of Spider-Man stories.

General Comments

A great feature in what is primarily a videogame magazine that didn't limit itself to only the PS2 game, but rather covered several areas of Spider-Man, making for a thorough, informative, and quite plainly, downright interesting read! I was very excited about being a part of that, and I thank Chris for thinking of us at when he was creating this article. You can visit OPM's website here: Official U.S. Playstation Magazine

Overall Rating

Darn right 5 webs... some of my stuff is in there! ;o)

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Lord Byron (E-Mail)