Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #7

 Posted: 2004


This storyline brings back the incredibly stupidly-named vampire villain Hunger back into the limelight, along with - you guessed it - more obligatory team-ups! And which Marvel characters do you think of when I say 'vampire'? That's right! Blade and Morbius!

Story 'Creatures of the Night'

  Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #7
Summary: Blade, Hunger & Vampires
Arc: Part 1 of 'Vampires in Town' (1-2)
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Writer: Howard Mackie
Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
Inker: Scott Hanna
Cover Art: John Romita, Jr.
Articles: Kingpin

Mary Jane and Peter are preparing for their second honeymoon, and Peter's late, as usual. While he's in the pharmacy with Aunt May (getting God-knows-how-many prescriptions), a car breaks through the window, and some thugs jump out carrying a big wooden trunk with chains and locks on it. The thugs are being chased by (you guessed it) a bunch of vampires! Peter, being the eternally responsible type, hops into his webs and dispatches the blood-suckers, with a little unseen help from a certain Hollywood vampire hunter. Spidey chases one of the thugs down to an old warehouse and gets him for information. Seems like the Kingpin has an interest in this trunk, along with a whole lot of other people.

The warehouse is obviously the vampire's HQ. Spidey runs into Blade, and along with the hired thug, the three of them march through a veritable army of vampires (of course, Blade is doing all the killing). They finally find Hunger, and there's lots of rock-star smoke and silly leather costumes. Blade has killed almost all of Hunger's henchmen, which is how this vampire gets his power. Just as the two heroes are about to become living soda-pops, the thug sticks one of Blade's knives in his best-friend-turned-vampire, taking more power away from Hunger. He runs away, leaving Spidey and Blade with the trunk. Peter realizes he's late for his plane (duh!) and gets to the airport too late, only to find Jill Stacy there.

Overall Rating

One web. This story came from nowhere, and it's going nowhere. But hang in there, there's more to come next issue...

 Posted: 2004