New Avengers (Vol. 2) #4 (Story 1)

 Posted: Dec 2010
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


Last issue the force that was attacking our dimension was revealed to be The Ancient One the mentor of Dr. Strange.

Story Details

The New Avengers are being overwhelmed by the demonic forces. Meanwhile Dr. Strange, Hellstrom and Dr. Voodoo are still trying to work out why is attacking and why. They rule out any Earth based antagonists as they would have nothing to gain by letting others invade our dimension. Hellstrom asks to see what’s happening in New York. We see The New Avengers fighting when Luke Cage is overwhelmed but is saved by Jessica Jones, he asks if their daughter is ok and if she’s safe. Jessica tells him she took the baby to Jersey and Jersey is safe and not like New York. Ms. Marvel decides to try and stop this at the source and flies toward the core of the rift. Dr. Strange enters his astral plain form and goes to stop her. Strange succeeds in rescuing MS. Marvel’s astral form but she is freaked out by this. He then restores her to her body.

Suddenly the sky explodes and out of the explosion a body is falling from the sky. Ms. Marvel rescues the falling person who is revealed to be Iron Fist who still has the eye. Iron Fist the punches Dr. Strange and tells him The Ancient One is still alive and the eye does not belong in our dimension. Iron Fist then tells everyone that what has just happened is a small sample of what will happen if the eye is not returned to its owner. Iron Fist then asks Dr. Strange who the eye actually belongs to.

General Comments

So we now know why The Ancient One has returned but if he had such a problem with Dr. Strange surely he would have returned earlier? I know there have been magic based stories that have involved the weakening of the dimensional realms before, so maybe he should have returned then? Apart from that small nitpick this issue was good. The team are still trying to do what they can and the mystics were trying to figure out who was behind the attack. The reveal at the end seems a bit odd as I mentioned before, but overall a solid middle part of a story.

Overall Rating

The team, both creative and The New Avengers continue to carry on as normal.

 Posted: Dec 2010
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)