New Avengers (Vol. 1) #62

 Posted: May 2010
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


Last issue two groups of Avengers were fighting two groups of the newly powered up Hood’s crew. Steve Rogers, the original Captain America and Bucky, the current Captain America were fighting The Corruptor, The living Laser and some HA.M.M.E.R. troops in Brooklyn. While Spider-Man and Spider-woman were fighting The Griffin and Mandrill in Manhattan.

Story 'Siege crossover'

We start with Spidey falling, wondering how The Griffin of all people is beating him. Spider-Woman, who is under the control of Mandrill, attacks him while Mandrill and The Griffin watch. Over in Brooklyn Steve Rogers tells The Living Laser he can walk away from the fight and change his life. The Living Laser attacks only for Luke Cage to show up and hit him. Bucky then uses a loose electrical cable to overload The Living Laser. Luke realises that Steve’s back and hugs him. The Steve is then targeted by Nick Fury. Back in Manhattan, Spider-Woman tells Spider-Man that she’s not in control of her actions. Spidey tells her she can take control. Spider-Woman then blasts Spidey with a venom blast and The Griffin and Mandrill decide to move in. Suddenly the Spiders attack and defeat them. They were faking.

Back in Brooklyn, Nick Fury thinks Steve is an LMD. Once he’s convinced Steve is genuine he and the Secret Warriors team up with Steve, Luke and Bucky to take on the rest of the HA.M.M.E.R. forces. Later at an Avengers safe house they return to the rest of The Avengers. Everyone is shocked to see Steve. Steve then notices the news. Norman Osborn has decided to invade Asgard and Thor is down. Steve tells everyone it’s time for The Avengers to Assemble!

General Comments

First of all let me get the story out of the way, this issue is again more of the same solid art and writing but nothing really happens. I do have to address something through, usually I let most continuity problems slide but here there are too many continuity problems from the SAME WRITER that have to be addressed:

1 - In the New Avengers annual Steve has already reunited with team just after Ronin was rescued from Osborn and just after his home was destroyed.

2 – In the Siege main book Steve was shown as sitting in private when the news broke about the invasion of Asgard, now in this issue he’s just returned from a field mission and is surrounded by The Avengers.

Like I said most of the time I let this kind of stuff go but when it’s by the same writer it just comes across as lazy and incoherent.

Overall Rating

Due to the continuity blips I have to mark this issue down

 Posted: May 2010
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)